No Accounting for Taste

The proof is in the pie

I’m an accountant by trade, so an inability to account for anything is taken very seriously.

To your right we have a very respectable Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana certified genuine Neopolitan Pizza. It’s got the nice folding crust, saucy tomato, wonderfully cured prosciutto, fresh rocket and parmagiano, all lovingly prepared by the dough boys of Dante’s Napoletana Pizzeria, at the recently released Ponsonby Central.

I’m just, I’m not wowed. I’ve faced similar disappointment at Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza in Oranga, which I gave two goes, then never returned. Between the rave reviews, and numerous satisfied customers I’ve seen at both establishments, I’m not too big to admit the problem is probably with me. Besides, if I didn’t, I’m sure someone on the internet would be more than happy to tell me otherwise anyway.

This must be what it’s like for Americans who grow up with Tex Mex, then go down to old Mexico, excited to taste the real thing, only to find that they preferred the adulterated experience.

For shame.

Please feel free to try the pizzas at either of these outlets if you haven’t already, find out how wrong I am, and return to list the ways and degrees of my error, until I’ve learned my lesson.

Otherwise I’ll be thin and crispy for life.

2 thoughts on “No Accounting for Taste

  1. I was wondering what you did for a living! Accountant, eh? I got an A in my financial accounting class last semester. But that stuff was the easy stuff. When I’m taking Managerial Accounting I’ll definitely know who to bother for help. 😉 😉 P.S. that crust looks magical.

    1. I don’t know how much help I’ll be for managerial. Most of my day to day is compliance and tax stuff. I’d probably still be half useful if you ever do an auditing paper though.

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