The Butcher of Westmere

Spicy Chicken and Coriander, Beef and Mustard, and Beef and Guinness
Spicy Chicken and Coriander, Beef and Mustard, and Beef and Guinness

Cook over a fire, then eat by the fire

Headed over to the old man’s house for post work  drinks, after he foiled his plan to come to ours by leaving the lights on in his car. The subsequent drive across town in peak hour traffic was mitigated by the smell of these beauties on the barbeque when we arrived.

Made with loving care by the good folk at Westmere Butchery, these are well worth a jaunt into one of Auckland’s pricier neighbourhoods.

Spicy Chicken and Coriander does not hold back in the flavour department. Sneaky cooks could barbeque this, slice, then place individually on top of a small dollop of QP Mayonnaise (call it a lemon and tofu puree) and call it a western fusion take on Dim Sum. Add toothpick and dare to call it a canapé.

Beef and mustard are strong and solid. We were hitting the beer that night, and a beef base probably fit in a little better with that mood. The surprise package was the Beef and Guinness. These were actually rewarmed from the day before, and really hit the spot. Those who had them the day before commented that they did taste better the day after. Full disclosure though, everyone making that comment either has Irish blood or has been living with an Irish man for a long time. Still, you have to love a sausage that will improve that much for you the next day.

Serve with homemade tomato sauce, potato, salad, and an outdoor fireplace.

9 thoughts on “The Butcher of Westmere

  1. Oh what I would do to stoke a real fire in a real fireplace. Can’t do that much around this part of the world. The links looks incredible. I’d say something about its thickness and stuff, but I find that highly….em, improper. *snickers*

    1. Peckish Sr was very happy with this post, I think I got a lot of my early views from his workplace so he could show off his son’s new blog and his cool fireplace and pizza oven.

      But yes, there was certainly a lot of girth to the sausage.

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