Oh I Do Like Ice-Cream Beside the Seaside

Strawberry & Rhubarb, Vanilla, and Chocolate
Strawberry & Rhubarb, Vanilla, and Chocolate

Oh I do like ice-cream beside the sea.

And so do a lot of other Aucklanders, judging by the line that usually weaves its way out of Mövenpick in Mission Bay. They certainly blazed a trail in the ice-cream parlour department (sticklers will cry Ollie’s, but Mövenpick kick started the next generation IMO), but I’ve found myself since lured away by other, smaller operations who go a little easier on the sugar, and a little more silky with the texture.

A newly discovered, nicely scooped blip on the ice-cream radar is Spencer’s Delicatessen Gelati Espresso. It’s deep in the heart of Glendowie, in a rather unassuming looking block of shops, but well worth the trip.

In between the big cookie time, and beside the block of flats that sticks out like a sore thumb

Let me be clear, friend. You won’t find the nutty professor flavours of Giapo, or the sweet nuggets of fudge like the Village Co-op. There’s no Shake n Dog. These are simple flavours executed very well, with the chocolate in particular being dark and deep enough to feel like you’re getting a serious injection of beneficial anti-oxidants, without losing the smooth, sweetened edge that’s reminiscent of a good bar of Whittaker’s. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone from Whittaker’s got a taste of this, then got straight on the phone to Killinchy Gold to ensure this flavour didn’t get out to the masses before they’d put something on the market. On this trip the Neopolitan trifecta was completed by a nicely flavoured rhubarb and strawberry combination, making me feel just that little more grown up tucking in to colours that take me back to being a kid. At $6 for three scoops, it’s on a par with other smaller outlets. Also, take a look at the delicatessen as well. The ice-cream’s at the front and once there’s ice-cream, I’m pretty much on that one track. However I think I did spy a massive rectangle of honeycomb sitting down the back, with a couple of chucks carved out, among other niceties.

Now I want to go back so I can get some vanilla, and buy some honey comb to crumble into it.

They also do a mean coffee, according to Mrs Peckish.

And that’s not all folks. Come for the gelati, stay for the view.


I mean, come on.

If I was single again, this would be where I’d take a date for gelato. You skip the crowds at Mission Bay while still getting a bay, you skip the awkward parking and imposing shadow cast by that controversial development in St Heliers.

If there’s a bit of a breeze, it’s a perfect place to hold hands, and take a windy walk.

3 thoughts on “Oh I Do Like Ice-Cream Beside the Seaside

  1. I’ve been to and seen Mövenpick hotels and boutiques all over, but never their ice cream shop. How strange is that, right? I’d like a scoop of strawberry and rhubarb. Please.

    1. Strawberry and rhubarb was so good. The lady who owns the place is really sweet too. Sometimes I ask for three scoops (ok, almost all the time) and I still get the two scoop price. I think on this occasion I didn’t because I felt a little guilty, you know, being an accountant and all.

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