Grand Park – Come for the Dumplings, Stay for the Races

Left: Xiao Long Bao, Middle: Spinach Dumpling, Right: Coriander Dumpling
Left: Xiao Long Bao, Middle: Spinach Dumpling, Right: Coriander Dumpling

Dumplings, Dumplings, Dumplings. If we’re doing Dim Sum, this Kiwi’s pecking him some dumplings. Grand Park, located at Gate B at Alexandra Park, Epsom.

Grand Park is our go to Yum Char experience because it’s central, parking is free (and allocated), and their time limit of 50 minutes per sitting usually guarantees you’ll see all your favourites come around before you go, which isn’t always the case at other establishments. Solid quality, and if you’re a sucker for burning your mouth on Xiao Long Bao like I am, you’ll be a happy little Kiwi too.

Top Tips:

No booking? Best come at 10:30am.

Booking? Best make it 11:00 if you want to guarantee your spot and not feel like you’ve wandered into a Chinese auction house, complete with people waving numbered tickets, and white folks peppered at the back, looking like they got lost on their way to see the terracotta warriors.

Desserts and innards come early and often. Don’t despair if that’s not what you’re looking for, but if you do, tell them what you’re waiting for so you get it sooner.

Condiment fiends? Ask for at least two sauce trays (consisting of soy and chilli sauce) between four people. If you’re there as a couple like me and Mrs Peckish were, request one per person. Also, make sure you ask for Red Vinegar to go with the Xiao Long Bao, they won’t always remember to give it to you.

Prawn Chives Dumpling
Prawn Chives Dumpling
Fried Combination Dumpling
Fried Combination Dumpling
Prawn Dumpling
Prawn Dumpling

All you see here fed me and mine enough to last us breakfast and lunch for $42.30.

3 thoughts on “Grand Park – Come for the Dumplings, Stay for the Races

  1. I get what you mean by going early. It’s the same with places in Vancouver. Even if you make reservations, you’re still likely to wait another 15-20 minutes FOR your reservation. Oh well, dim sum is worth it. By the way dim sum gets me thinking about Mrs. P, and then it gets me thinking about how you two met. I am a sucker for a love story of the modern ages. I hope you’ll entertain me this one time. I don’t mind a censored version *blink blink* #curiositykilledthecat,Iknow

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