Holy Moly! Ice Cream Mellow Pops!

There are few things I envy Americans, Aotearoa/NZ works pretty well for me. One thing I do envy, however, is the American approach to ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, we have great quality ice cream, but our approach to flavour lacks the imagination and moxie the wider American market allows for. Refined, matured flavours are increasingly easier to find, but the […]

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Epic Beer USA Availability

So I asked Epic about the USA availability of their Epicurean Coffeee & Fig Stout in response to a question in a previous post. They got on the horn with their US Distributor, who got back to me with this: Hi there, I work for Shelton Brothers Importers, and Luke from Epic passed along your reader’s […]

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Tip of the Field Mushroom Cap

These are my lifeline, 50:50 and call a friend when it comes to easy who wants to be an entertainer (along with an Asian Button Mushroom recipe from the same cookbook, Ripe Recipes, which you should buy if you can find). This first lot were a little on the large side if you’d like them to work as […]

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