Straight Outta Heartland


Put the Ripples down partner, and arm your next chip and dip standoff with these babies. Heartland Potato Chips are pretty distinctive with their wide, shallow crinkle, and a smooth curve across the chip like a ten gallon hat. This is a hardy chip that will stand up to the demands of most dipping actions without getting stuck and snapping. Over the many packs I’ve consumed, I’m yet to come across a chip that’s been over cooked or too oily. Consistency of output quality is superb.

Southern Salt is a great buddy for any dip. If you want a chip that really celebrates the potato, I’d say give these guys a try, if you haven’t already. Even with the Green Onion and other varieties it’s less about flavour you can see than honesty you can taste.


And if that wasn’t enough, they’re usually cheaper than many of the other commercial potato chips you can buy. Our only real drawback in our love affair with these crispy spuds is the lack of supply across the board. They’re normally unsighted at Countdown, although usually reliably sourced at New World. If you caught Michael Van de Elzen’s Food Truck, you might have noticed him getting a tutorial from these guys when he was figuring out how to make his own, healthier version of the snack.

So it’s good to see them getting a larger profile, but it would be great to see them get more.

Do yourself a favour, pick up a bag today.


It's in the bag

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