Here’s Something I Prepared Earlier


My friend and I have a standing order when one visits the other. If you’re bringing anything, make sure it’s Maltesers (closest thing people get in America is apparently Whoppers, although I’ve had an American tell me they’re not actually that similar, and they’d commit several felonies to get their hands on the Antipodean version). I thought it would be a kick to one day supply a Malteser cake. Enter Nigella with her Feast cookbook to make the dream come true. The malty goodness is detectable all through the cake, without taking over, and the cake itself is light and fluffy, which offsets some of the heavier malty sweetness in the buttercream.

Didn’t have to look around for long to find people willing to take portions of this cake off me.

4 thoughts on “Here’s Something I Prepared Earlier

  1. Oh my god this looks epic! I had a malteaser thickshake the other day imagine the two together! I’d lose my mind!

    1. It’s so good, and the recipe reasonably simple. I don’t bake much at home because it’s just Mrs Peckish and me, and I feel bad giving someone just part of a cake. Luckily my parents and brother have been happy to be taste testers so far.

    1. I really need to look into this. I had a request from Japan on facebook for a piece too. There should be some kind of a express food share service out there. It’d be nice to be able to hand off excess cake to protect my waistline and share the baking love around.

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