Tip Top Berry Choc Forest


If you like chocolate, berries, and berry gummies, wrap your gums around this ice-cream. Good chocolate ice-cream, generous berry ripple that ensures you a rich vein running through each scoop, and plenty of gummies to boot, along with some light flakes of milk chocolate sprinkled liberally throughout the tub. There’s definitely flavour to suck on and savour, but there’s texture to sink your teeth into as well. I usually find it around the $5 mark, which is at the lower end for some of the ice-creams in this type of range.


We had some visitors over from Japan around Christmas, and the father was blown away by the mere suggestion of the ice-cream. Chocolate and berry were one thing, but gummies too? It elicited a face mixed with incredulity and youthful elation that ice-cream done well is so apt at delivering.

Serve with small spoons and a giant helping of Mothra vs Godzilla

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