Buffalo Chicken Nibbles


For all its drawbacks, Facebook can be convenient. You can be hooked into your favourite chef, like, say, Peter Gordon, and be informed of all their major comings and goings. Good for special events and other social occasions a punter might otherwise miss. It’s also convenient if you want to stir the pot a little bit. So it was for a certain someone on Peter Gordon’s page, who decided to express dismay with Peter’s work with Tegel around their BBQ range. Apparently time spent consulting on some marinades steals precious time away from teaching people how to joint chickens and prepare marinades for themselves. Furthermore, it’s causing people to forget how to cook.

All this really did was make me wonder what these chicken creations are and why no-one’s told me about them before now. Among other chicken items were Peri Peri Hot Legs, Jerk Hot Legs, and Buffalo Chicken Nibbles. As usual, Peter Gordon goes that little bit further to offer some simple dip recipes to accompany some of the products. After salivating over the blue cheese dip, I decided to procure its recommended dancing partner, Buffalo Chicken.

The blue cheese sauce is pretty simple, but for those who might ask the question, here’s a quick rundown:


Take the cheese, a garlic clove, 1/2 cup of sour cream, and 1/2 cup of mayonnaise. Chuck into a food processor and blitz until the desired consistency is reached. I like mine a little on the thick side, but a bit of hot water can help thin it out a little further if you wish.

Then it’s onto the chicken. Choose your poison out of oven baked or grilled. I chose oven baked out of convenience.

Tell you what, if this equates to people forgetting the ways to cook, I don’t mind taking a teaspoon of amnesia. There’s plenty of sticky, buttery, spicy goodness, although, if you fancy yourself a bit of an (amateur) spice merchant like me, understand that this is likely made to agree with the average Kiwi’s more conservative palate. Don’t be afraid to chuck an extra pinch of cayenne on  a piece. Add some blue cheese sauce and you’ll complete the picture nicely.

As for Peter Gordon’s critic, I think we’ve survived well enough thus far with vendors baking our breads, preserving our fruits, corning our beef, and brewing our beer. There’s nothing about the art of cooking that is truly vulnerable to a little convenience used to buffer against the bustle of daily life. Not to mention, if Peter Gordon is directing the likes of Tegel to get the masses tasting and thinking about flavours like Buffalo, Jerk, and Peri Peri, that can only be a good thing for extending the palate of the nation.

Anyway, keep an eye out at the supermarket for these babies. Serve with a salad that you made yourself, plenty of napkins for your fingers, and a live broadcast of your favourite team sticking it to their arch rivals.


2 thoughts on “Buffalo Chicken Nibbles

  1. My favorite finger foods are spicy chicken wings and blue cheese. When you make wings at home, dredge them in cornstarch first, then fry. They get really crackling crisp that way. Then just toss them in equal parts butter and, I use, Franks Red Sauce. Fast and so good. Keep ’em hot in the oven if they last that long. I scald myself every time trying to eat them out of the damned frying pan.

    1. That’s the mark of a good meal I think, how prepared you are to sacrifice the roof of your mouth for them. I’ll have to see if I can find some Franks Red Sauce at Martha’s Backyard (that’s our local and I think NZ’s only American goods importing store, never had a twinkie or a ding dong in my life before they came along).

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