The Original Kumara Chips – Paleo Or No, Very Delicious


Some friends of ours are on a pretty strict diet regimen at the moment. That means when I prepare some Hot Smoked Salmon Potato Cake sliders, Blueberry Brownies, and some Potato Chips for a night of music at a vineyard, they’re going to have to decline and self cater, keeping most of our foodstuffs separate. One area of intersection were these The Original Kumara Chips. These are made by Gareth Megginson & Anna Valentine in Kerikeri, who claim the only ingredients are Kumara, Rice Bran Oil, Sea Salt & Black Pepper.

There are either serious shenanigans going on or there’s something they’re not telling us about the soil they grow the Kumara in. I don’t know if it’s partially some visual psychological conditioning, but there’s something almost sweet and apple like about the flavour as you first bite into a chip.

Something as ostensibly healthy as these has really no business being so delicious.

Serve as a calm oasis in a storm of pious diet depravation, or with a six pack, bucket of fried chicken, big tub of ice-cream, and a claim that, you know, you’re having these because you’re trying to watch your figure.


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