Villa Maria Winery Tour – Pretty Choice


“We’re AnikaBoh&Hollie and we’re pretty choice!”

Long before Jennifer Lawrence was disarming people with her genuine, down to earth patter, Anika Moa was charming us with her way of keeping it real Kiwi.

We were at a Winery Tour concert for four acts, Clara Van Wel, The Adults, AnikaBoh&Hollie, and Fat Freddy’s Drop. I was there mainly for AnikaBoh&Hollie, whose Holy Trinity Church tour I missed because I’m not smart enough to work full time and pass exams without studying. Watching them in action made missing them on the church tour sting that much more. If someone cast a spell to conjure a holy trinity of women in contemporary music, they’d be very happy to see these three emerge. This trio have the added attraction of being very endearing on stage, even when they’re not singing. I could have easily listened to them banter and crack jokes amongst themselves for the 50 minutes they were allotted at the concert.

Note the headless boogie box horse in the foreground

One of the great things about this sort of event is the congregation of ages, and the opportunity this provides to people watch. I love the idea of parents paying the entry fee for kids just to have them rush to the embankment with the nearest cardboard box so they can slide downhill on it all night. Even better are the two kids who find a box big enough to fit both their upper bodies and wear it over their heads while they dance to the music like an incomplete, headless Halloween horse. My favourite individual was the baby boomer whose running man dance moves had clearly slowed over time, and could that night more aptly be described as the ambling man. However, perhaps the best sight was the kids on their parents shoulders, clearly enjoying the music along with their parents; bobbing up and down on the shoulders of their human sized pogo sticks.

Music wasn’t the only thing we were there for though, with four acts over five hours, we were going to need some serious food. Given that it was a night of Kiwi music, we thought we’d try to pair it with Kiwi food, as far as possible. When I say we, I mean my parents, who are grade A partners in the catering department, so we were treated to cherry bread, and “Rose Gordon’s Bacon and Egg Pie” from Peter Gordon’s Cook at Home Cookbook.

There’s something so Kiwi about bacon and egg pie, and the mixture of egg and cream in this one is pretty special. Peter Gordon says it’s almost better cold the next day, I have a hard time believing it ever lasted that long in plain sight.

There almost wasn’t enough room for my little contribution to the evening: Peter Gordon’s Hot Smoked Salmon Cake sliders with Dill Mustard Dressing and Rocket  (from Peter Gordon Everyday). Turning large cakes into smaller sizes to fit some of Al Brown’s slider buns (to spare us sticky fingers) was my mother’s brainwave. Genius, and it allowed us to make use of some spare blue cheese sauce I had leftover from the Buffalo Chicken Nibbles. Peter Gordon and Al Brown both have restaurants on Federal Street, and again at the concert they paired well. If it was possible to do better than hot smoked salmon with red onion and potato, blue cheese sauce, and mustard, vinegar and dill dressing, it was by cushioning it within those soft, chewy pillows.

Kiwi made in your belly, Kiwi made in your ears. Kiwi made on the vines. Magic.


8 thoughts on “Villa Maria Winery Tour – Pretty Choice

  1. Just skype calling my mom right now while looking at your post. I keep smacking my lips together and making “mmmmmm, MMMMM” sounds while staring. She’s mildly irritated. Oh well. I want that Egg Pie! Holy! And your sliders look soft and crunchy at the same time.

      1. Heh heh heh. Fair enough. Tbh, I get warm and fluffy feelings from the fact that Mrs. P gets food lust from recipes on my blog. She seems like someone not easily impressed! hashtag success. boo yeah.

      2. I don’t know about not easily impressed, she did marry me after all ;). But yeah, she doesn’t trawl through a whole blog instead of getting out of bed for just any old bunch of words and photos.

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