Ghana Peppermint Chocolate Ice-Cream


Mint and chocolate together are quite controversial around my way. People either love the combination or hate it. Mrs Peckish is pretty dead set against it, as are a couple of friends, but my parents, Peckish Sr in particular, ran a household where it was coveted.

So I snuck a tub of this Whittaker’s ice-cream into the shopping basket during the weekend to share the experience with you.

This is like mining dark rock for precious ores of peppermint fondant, and there’s plenty of that bright silver oozing through its veins. With the dark chocolate matching oh so well with the peppermint, if this combination is up your alley, set your GPS for Ghana Peppermint way.

Serve on your lover’s pillow after dinner, with the bedspread turned down.

Unless your lover hates chocolate and peppermint, in which case sneak some in the middle of the night when you think she won’t notice.


5 thoughts on “Ghana Peppermint Chocolate Ice-Cream

  1. I am a recent convert. Growing up I was convinced that it was the same as brushing your teeth and eating chocolate simultaneously but now I can’t get enough!

    1. Yeah, I think a lot of the anti mint-chocolate crowd are from that school of thought. Do you have any go to brands for your mint-chocolate fix? I usually have to wait until we go to a hotel before I get mine, and too often it’s Cadbury.

      1. I’ve taken to making homemade peppermint patties. OR alternatively crushing mint slice biscuits in vanilla ice-cream. Do it, I promise you, you will never look back!

      2. Mint slice biscuits are dangerous. I can pretty much eat a whole packet in one morning tea break at work. I have since banned myself from eating biscuits at work. I might have to see if I can smuggle a packet of those home with some vanilla now though.

  2. I love mint and chocolate. The kind I normally have is the green ice cream with chocolate chips. Not a huge fan of the chips. I think I had something similar to the one shown above once or twice and this is much, much better.

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