Beer of the Week. Harrington’s Belgium Tempest Strong Ale

20130308_162818Strong winds on calm waters.

I could tell you about the malty aroma and the toffee undertones with the melting MacIntosh’s mouth feel that, if you rummage around in it long enough, reveals some hints of clove.

But what I want to tell you about is how easy going and mellow this beer is, while packing an 8% follow through. This is like a Scottish millionaire commandeering your yacht on his day off during a nice, calm Sunday. The water’s fine, smooth sailing as anything, and rather than barking orders, you’re getting smooth soothing Scottish brogue. He’s still a competitive Scottish millionaire though, so you still find yourself carving through the water at a serious rate of knots. Let me tell you that you’ll be happily nursing this, enjoying the mellow, languid flavour, when you suddenly realise that you’re four sheets further to the wind than anyone else around you.

This is a drink that I come back to again and again. I generally restrict myself to one beer a week, and Belgium Tempest is one for a Friday after a long week when I feel like the company of an old friend rather than making a new one.

I can normally find this one at Newmarket Liquorland, or maybe Farros (their supply of craft beer is very variable though).

4 thoughts on “Beer of the Week. Harrington’s Belgium Tempest Strong Ale

    1. Oooh good tip, thanks. A quick Google says there’s an online British product supply store that’s based in NZ and can get some to me. The rum cask ale sounds like a bit of yes please.

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