JKM’s Egg Drop Soup

20130307_170254So Mrs Peckish has been under the weather this week. I’ve been throwing any combination of chicken stock, ginger and garlic that I can think of at the problem, both to make her feel well again and help keep me well.

After a long day of work, convenience is a welcome addition to that combination, and JKM offered plenty of that with her Egg Drop Soup Recipe on goodfoodfreshingredients.com. What a blogsend. Simple, comforting, and had Mrs Peckish remarking how much better she felt afterwards. Also, the egg dropping aspect of the recipe is reasonably forgiving. My hands aren’t exactly steady but the end result was still workable.


Am definitely going to keep this one up my sleeve as the seasons turn and winter starts to move in.

Serve with a cold compress, foot rub, and Ella Fitzgerald crooning sweetly in the background.

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