Peter Gordon Everyday Kumara Miso Mash

20130306_161730Kumara? That’s sweet potato to you, Uncle Sam, and not to be confused with kuruma, the Japanese word for car. I’ve confused the odd Japanese friend with the offer to give them a ride home in my sweet potato.

Anyway, I’m here to tell you about a pretty sweet deal in the ready made meal world. Peter Gordon has taken a well loved side from his establishments in Auckland and the UK, put it in a handy pouch, and made it possible to recreate the restaurant magic in the microwave in three minutes. If you like to cook for yourself, loading this into the microwave feels so wrong, but when the waves of browned butter, miso and rosemary roll over your tongue with the kumara, it can’t help but feel so right.

So convenient, and a lifesaver for men who don’t really cook beyond the BBQ when it’s their turn to put a meal on. This side allows you to grill a steak, and while it’s resting get the mash ready in the microwave. There’s even enough time to fake yourself an artsy looking schmear, and hide the packet at the bottom of the bin so that you can pretend like you slaved over a hot stove to make this beautiful mash for your even more beautiful dearly beloved.


Worried they’ll ask you how you made it? I’ve got you covered. Complete instructions are right here. Maybe make sure you’ve got some miso paste and rosemary in the fridge to properly sell the subterfuge.

Serve with one of Peter’s suggestions of roast lamb, grilled fish, pork chops or steak, and a nice side of your love’s disbelieving amazement and gratitude.

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