Chocolate Guinness Cake

20130202_191554This is the perfect cake for the Irishman in your life. I say this as a man who has a healthy chunk of Irish blood in him. If you are an Irishman, this is the perfect cake to convince your stout or just generally beer averse loved one that they might be missing out on something great in eschewing Guinness. It’s also brilliant if you want an easy to make, moist chocolate cake with a point of difference.

It’s also distinguished by its cream cheese icing, which adds some double cream to help please diners who can find cream cheese only icing a little too cheesy. As is often the case with tasty, easy to make cakes, this is a Nigella recipe.

Serve the cake that looks like a pint with a pint, reserving a slice to leave out by your nearest four leaf clover to bait unsuspecting leprechauns.


6 thoughts on “Chocolate Guinness Cake

  1. Yes, I definitely cooked this one. We’d been living in the house for a couple of years and it was really starting to bother me that I hadn’t done any serious baking in the kitchen yet. So I spent a lot of time over the summer break getting the cake and brownie tins out.

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