Pakuranga Night Markets – Dumpling Kingdoms, Sparkling Audis, Teriyaki Canines

20130309_173632We’ve got a few night markets that run around Auckland in covered car parks. For more details click here. On Saturday we headed to the one that runs in Pakuranga, which is our usual go to. We were on a mission. I was there for a Teriyaki Dog and Scotch Beef Steak Burger, while Mrs Peckish was there for a fix of cheap Thai Noodles.

I find myself wondering where these Teriyaki Chicken Dogs were all the times I was at a baseball game in Japan. This seems like the perfect accompaniment. Great chicken teriyaki grilled on skewers, generous slices of avocado, and lots of kewpie mayonnaise? Batter up. They also do a chicken only version and a cheese version, which will please some of the everything tastes better with cheese crowd out there. For $6, I’m pretty happy. I also gave their Scotch Beef Steak Burger a try, and was similarly satisfied. Be aware of what you’re getting though, this is two pink fillets of steak, lettuce, teriyaki sauce, and kewpie. That’s not going to be for everyone, but if you like all those elements, there’s a lot to like in this burger for $7. They used to have a huge sign that said, among other things, “The Best Ever!” It’s since gone, drawing your eye to one of their other slogans: “No Teriyaki Chicken, No Life.” I wouldn’t say that you haven’t lived until you’ve tried one of their hot dogs, but if variety is the spice of life, you can add more flavour to yours by giving these a go.


Mrs Peckish was pretty chuffed with her Thai Noodles, which were a Pad See Eew (thicker, darker noodles), and Pad Woon Sen (vermicelli). At $5 per generous box, there’s a lot of flavour for money there. We’re fusspots when it comes to Pad See Eew, as a lot of establishments around Auckland struggle to get a nice balance between the two lots of soy sauce present in the dish. This again isn’t life changing, but at $5 would be plenty nice at twice the price. Sometimes the chicken sits separately to the noodles, and that might adversely affect the flavour for  you, you might want to opt for vegetarian only in those cases. I didn’t try any of the vermicelli, but can report Mrs Peckish enjoyed them well into Sunday.

Pad See Eew
Pad See Eew
Pad Woon Sen
Pad Woon Sen

So that’s a run down on the food we had, here are a few other notes.

Vendors can change quickly. We had a favourite place that served great prawn and coriander dumplings, but they disappeared, as did the deep fried ice-cream stall.

There’s plenty of competing royalty. Chinese Dumpling King, Kings PanCake Korean, Double King of Dumplings. The biggest difference between the dumplings in our experience, is the price, although each one might sell some slightly varieties, the bog standard ones tasted the same across the board.

Chicken Madness does chicken on a stick with a kind of cornflake batter that we also enjoy.

Advertised start time is 6pm, but we turned up at 5:20 and just about everyone was set up. You might not be able to get your food straight away, but you’ll get it faster than waiting in the lines that quickly form after 6pm, and you’ll be able to peruse all the stalls at your leisure without fighting suffocating crowds.

Plenty of elbow room at 5:20 for an early dinner.
Plenty of elbow room at 5:20 for an early dinner.

There’s usually a colourful collection of characters around, on this occasion we came across a glittered Audi. Absolutely pointless but very amusing, especially watching people who wouldn’t resist rubbing their hands over it as they passed.


20 thoughts on “Pakuranga Night Markets – Dumpling Kingdoms, Sparkling Audis, Teriyaki Canines

  1. You have done me a great service sir. Truly heroic. I’m hungry now. Really hungry. I lost my appetite awhile ago and now here it is. Thank you. (Fucking veggie dogs in my fridge! But I’ll eat one anyway! )

      1. hahah thank you so much for that, just learning the ropes of DSLR photography.. and now I am hungry after that Ice Cream post 🙂

    1. It was funny to watch, desire turning into intent, the furtive look around to wonder whether the coast was clear, then the slow, purposeful stroke of hand on bonnet until they remember themselves and scamper off

  2. this reminds me of the wednesdays suzuki market in queen victoria market in melbourne when i was living there. i’m looking at your dog and ogling at the burger :p drooooooooooooool

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