JKM’s Stir-Fried Sweet Potatoes and Beef


I had a nice little plan. I was going to start picking out recipes from the good folk I’m following on WordPress and chronicle the results here. Last week it was JKM’s egg drop soup. This week I was going to rustle up some of FASHIONFOODANDFLIRTS’ Easy Peasy Pleasing Pea Pancakes, which I wanted to try just so I could say Easy Peasy Pleasing Pea Pancakes. Then in the weekend it would be time to push the boat out a little (at least where my cooking skills are concerned) and try this amazing looking and sounding Orange Blossom + Honey Milk Tart from Sam. Those items are still in the queue and on the agenda. However, the plan was not to do two recipes from JKM and look like I’m stalking the blog in the process.

Still, Mrs Peckish and I have been a couple going on 9 years now, and I know a little about what my Mrs Peckish likes. So when I see a Stir-Fried Sweet Potatoes and Beef recipe, mine is not to question, mine is to cook and collect brownie points.

So it is that I find myself on this Monday’s eve blogging about this pretty darn your socks tasty stir fry.

If you’re not adverse to beef, but are amenable to brownie points from your beloved and ease of cooking on a Monday night, you have to give this a try. Even better, this is not a dish to make one guilty for seconds.

A couple of notes:

Don’t use my picture for reference, that’s me rushing to get it done on a Monday night. Go to JKM’s post to see it done right. Mine’s not a looker, but it’s got great personality.

Cheating and using a food processor to grate the sweet potato is fine. But if you let the Peckish one in your life do it, make sure they use the grater attachment, not the thin slice one. That way you won’t end up with little sweet potato UFOs scattered like crash landing victims in your dish.

We used Jalapeños from a jar. Means they were softer, but we were ok with that.

We also used lime juice from a bottle, because I find the lime quality here a little iffy. Again, I don’t think this will keep the dish from being tasty.

The crispy crunch from the onions offsets so nicely against the tenderness of the sweet potato.

Serve after some hard slog at the office, with a huge helping of how was your day, tell me all about it on the side. As quick and easy as this is to put together, you’ll have more time for it.

18 thoughts on “JKM’s Stir-Fried Sweet Potatoes and Beef

  1. In the states we would call this hash. Delicious, filling, and when the onions are slowly caramelized….addictive. Thank you for sharing!

    1. That is exactly my problem. I started this out thinking I’d be doing a bunch of recipes from local cookbooks, but new recipes are so hard to resist. It’s a surprise package that you know what looks like before hand, but all the unwrapping is in the first mouthful.

    1. Thank-you, I’ve been looking around at food posts a lot and I always want my photos to have the same visual impact as the others have on me. Usually when I look at my own photos my reaction is pretty meh in comparison.

      1. I think it’s natural to overly criticise our own works of art – regardless of whether it’s words or pictures or anything else. Trust me, they are not ‘meh’ 🙂

    1. Oh man, that looks so good doesn’t it? But I’m going to have to start slowly with yours and Sam le pirate’s recipes. I have to work my way back to kitchen fitness, especially since your photos are so beautiful. But I do have the ingredients to try out your carbonara this week, although Mrs P is out of love with Salmon so we’re going with pancetta instead. I’m looking forward to trying your carbonara sauce though.

      1. It shuuure does! And what, kitchen fitness, what? Oh hosh posh! I quite like your recipes, thankyouverymuch.

        And oh yes, it’s great as a healthy alternative. Of course I’d pick thick cream and extra extra shavings of parmesan sauce if I had the metabolism of a pro-wrestler but….alas. 😦

        I’ve never had pancetta before. I hardly eat bacon as is, since pork is pretty much a no-no (although I DO cheat with pepperoni on occasion……….sshhh)

        Man on man, I’m a nerve wreck! I hope Mrs. P will like it TT__TT

      2. I figured from your profile (lover of Allah) that pork would be a no-no. You know some of the best conversations I’ve ever had about religion have been with Muslims, one was with a taxi driver taking me home, we must have spent a good half hour after we arrived at my place talking about things. Anyway, that’s to say I love so much about the faith, but the food restrictions are hard for one as Peckish as I.

        As I speak, Mrs P has retired for the evening, seems my cough has morphed and gone back to torture her. I’m sure she’ll find a bowl of carbonara nice and comforting tomorrow.

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