Berry Fusion, Thai Coconut and Lime Gelato

Not my picture, this is their PR photo
Not my picture, this is their PR photo

As of writing, this Peckish Kiwi is sick. Hurts to swallow, muscle aches, overheating when I cover up, shivering uncontrollably if I expose so much as a pinky. Days like this, I should be getting plenty of fluids and chicken soup, but I’m the kind of guy; if my throat is sore, I think it’s the perfect excuse for ice-cream.


So I present to you this Pure New Zealand Ice Cream gelato. Really delivering with the unpackaging experience, removing the lid to look inside promises you the day is about to get better.


As it slowly melts in your mouth, the berry, coconut and lime wash away any sore throats to leave a residue of tropical climates and pool side bars where you can only dream of swimming up and getting one of these in a glass. The texture walks a fine line between gelato and sorbet which adds to the exotic nature of the flavour.

Serve in a shallow cocktail glass with a little umbrella, shades drawn and eyes shut so your fever feels like the warmth of tropical sun rather than the onset of delirium.

Or, if you’re not sick, I can recommend the following:


Ok, it doesn’t look like much, that shot was a strictly made for facebook deal, but this summer fusion dessert‘s mix of berries, lime juice and lime curd mixed with mascarpone are an excellent food match for this ice cream, one I can’t take credit for, it was Mama Peckish’s brainwave.

17 thoughts on “Berry Fusion, Thai Coconut and Lime Gelato

  1. Sorry to hear you’re sick. The gelato looks perfect though. Love the idea of mixing it with mascarpone. I had a raspberry Genoise yesterday that was sublime. Especially since I’m sort of supposed to be sugar free. But it can’t hurt to look ( and dream ) hope you’re better soon.

    1. Every time I think there’s something wrong with me and I go to a doctor, all my blood tests come back fine, except that one time I had a cyst on my thyroid, and even then, that just went away by itself. So the odd episode sympathy sickness (tends to follow when Mrs Peckish has been ill, but strangely doesn’t tend to follow her symptoms) is easy to take, and even helps break up the daily routine.

      I don’t know if I’ve ever had a Genoise, I had to look it up. Add another item on the list to hunt down and peck at, or make if I can’t find an Italian place that would like to serve me something other than Tiramisu or baci.

      1. You’d love Genoise. Easy to make too. If you’re a baker. I’m more of a meat eater myself. I’ll take a steak over a cake any day. Except now that I can’t have sugar I just might rethink my position…

      2. Google certainly makes it look good. Mrs Peckish is like you, steak over cake, unless I’ve just finished the last of it, then she has this psychic way of developing a hankering.

    1. Thank-you. Actually now that I think about it the whole concept came together because Mrs Peckish found the dish, and thought it would be an easy one for us to put together for Christmas dinner, then Mama Peckish supplied the ice cream. So all I did was make the thing.

    1. You’re certainly not alone on that count. I am ice cream obsessed. In fact I’ve been using this blog as an excuse to review ice cream a little too much. I’ve got two ice cream reviews in reserve for a later date so that this blog doesn’t turn into The Ice Cream Kiwi. Plus I’ll probably be heading to a gelato place tonight.

      1. Just saw your comment now, stupid me I forgot to click the notify button.. Oh hello then there are two ice-cream obsessed! Believe me I don’t mind the ice-cream reviews hehe actually I went to a lot of ice-cream parlors in Vienna and rated their ice-cream, their flavour and consistency etc. for my own amusement of course. There can never be too much ice-cream in a tummy! 🙂

      2. This is what I keep trying to tell people! They don’t believe me when I say there can never be too much in the tummy. They just laugh and say I’m the one that makes NZ the top ice cream consumer per capita in the world.

  2. Holy. I need to borrow Mama Peckish from time to time, I think. You wouldn’t mind, would you? I’d like her to show my mom how to make that pan of delicious sweet fusion so I have something to look forward to on my Christmas visit home. 😀 Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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