Kumara, Spinach & Feta Tortilla with Sumac & Yoghurt


These were my party favour find back in 2009, that I didn’t get around to making myself in 2012. I had these at the book launch for Peter Gordon A Culinary Journey, and there was always the fear that nothing would live up to that first impression. Certainly, the ones I’ve made don’t live up to that impression for me, but the end result is close enough.

You’ve got small cubes of roasted kumara (sweet potato), spinach, caramelised red onion, and little salty shocks of feta all bound together in an egg tortilla, topped off with plain yoghurt with a bit of minced garlic and olive oil mixed through, and a sprinkling of sumac. The only trouble I tend to have with this recipe is getting the seasoning right with the distribution of the feta, which I have to be careful with anyway because Mrs Peckish isn’t a huge cheese fan. Season too much and the mix can become too salty with the feta, get the feta distribution too uneven and the portions without feta will be a little under flavoured. Aesthetically I got the best results preparing the tortilla in a square brownie tin that could go on the stove.

Kiwi man rustic style

I love that in each little bite you feel like you taste the essence of what makes fusion cooking so attractive, salty, sweet, creamy, astringent all singing in harmony.

Serve amongst a selection of tapas with the expectation that you probably won’t see any leftovers.

3 thoughts on “Kumara, Spinach & Feta Tortilla with Sumac & Yoghurt

  1. How did I not notice this post yesterday?! Feta and sweet potato has got to be the most mind blowing combination. And yogurt! And caramelised onion! My head spins!

    1. I can’t tell you what it was like to have it the first time around. There were a lot of nice little bites doing the rounds, including a really delicious baklava I need to get around to make one day. But the guy comes up with this little sweet potato square and says here’s your sweet potato square, so nonchalantly, knowing all the while how it was going to blow my mind and giving me no warning.

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