Easy Peasy Appeasing Pea Pancakes


We’ve been a couple going on nine years, but it’s still possible to make rookie mistakes. In my defense  up until now, I’ve never faced the new sheet of Panadol dilemma. Any normal person would, I suppose, start at the end and work their way in. Leave a fresh sheet of pills with me, however, and you’ll end up with this:


Expressions of horror included:

“You can’t do that!”

“It’s illegal!”


OK, three expressions doesn’t really warrant a list, but I wanted to document for prosperity one of the few times I’ve actually heard “Gah!” in a real life situation.

Clearly, some appeasing was in order. Mrs Peckish is well fond of peas, and neither of us was in the mood for eating much. Preparing something easy would be the icing on the appeasement cake.

Again, the picture is just there as proof that I did it, hop over to Fashion, food and flirts to see how it’s really done. I doubled the recipe for the two of us, and on their own they gave our stomachs a good filling. Peas are the star of the show, but the madras curry powder gives a solid Catherine Keener in Being John Malkovich supporting performance.

Serve with stir fried mushrooms and greens, with a little creamy curry sauce if you must. For times when easy is the most appeasing I think some chutney would probably do the job.

7 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Appeasing Pea Pancakes

    1. I wish I could do Okonomiyaki, I’d love to introduce Mrs Peckish to it. We could try it at the night markets, but there are two stalls, and I don’t want to get my choice wrong and turn her off them.

  1. Oh yummy these looks absurdly good! Why is it that vegetables taste so good in pancakes? I’ve been on a bit of a corn fritter run of late . These might break up the mix. Imagine them topped with ricotta! Ahhh so many ideas!

    1. Haha, the ricotta roll continues! Mrs Peckish loves her some corn fritters, I’ve got another Peter Gordon cookbook that has a ridiculously good, satisfying corn fritter recipe, must give that another try soon, then try it with peas.

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