Proper Hand Cooked Crisps – Colour Me Improper


One can’t like everything, and I’m not a fan of these Proper Hand Cooked Crisps. I’m usually a big fan of any chip cooked kettle style, but my heart is somewhere else now. Something really didn’t connect about the rosemary and thyme crisps, which I was really looking forward to. I found the particular batch I had a little on the thin, soft side (Mrs P agreed). The flavourings feathered the back of the tongue without feeling genuine or compelling. Although, if considered from another perspective this sensation might be interpreted as a sense of refinement in this mass produced age of garish “flavour you can see.”


The Malborough Sea Salt crisps were solid enough. There’s the crunch and sensation of the crispy fries shards at the bottom of your fish and chip bag. But consider the price, I picked these up for $4.79 at Farro. That’s close to double what you’d be paying for another brand of most other kettle chips. But if you like Kettles, keeping your purchases Kiwi and artisanal, give these spuds a spin.

On that note a lot of the foodie two shoes out there have given Proper Crisps plenty of praise if you check out the website. I would say though, if you have a bag of Heartlands, and love them, you could probably stick with them and be happy that you’re not missing out on anything with the Proper Crisps, especially considering how comparatively cheap the Heartland Chips are.

Serve with a decent dip and deep sense of satisfaction of your artisan patronage.

8 thoughts on “Proper Hand Cooked Crisps – Colour Me Improper

  1. Kiwis are so elegant. Sea salt? Rosemary and thyme? I’m downright jealous. In Canada we have ketchup, salt and vinegar, dill pickle ( a fav!)
    The only reason I bring it up is that they sound downright elegant compared to the potato chip contest now running here in the states. Vote for Chicken ‘n Waffle flavor OR Cheesy Garlic bread OR Sriracha. Winner gets $1,000,000 and the chip goes into production. And they’re here, Kiwi. I saw the chicken n waffles. I….I …I wanted to try them.(sob).

    1. Or we just fancy ourselves as elegant. We did a similar competition a few years back, the finalists were paua fritter, butter chicken, cheesy garlic bread (snap!), and sunday roast. The winner was… Sunday Roast. Yawn.

      1. Really? Sunday Roast was a yawn? It sounds so good.

        If I were to design a chip it would be Human Flesh. After all, who could say you got it wrong? I bet everyone would buy one bag just to see.

        Novelties. Never discount the power of the Pet Rock.

      2. lol. Anyone who could authoritatively say you’d got the flavour wrong would probably be keeping quiet anyway. Just make it taste like chicken and add some paprika or something.

    1. The snow in Paris shots were amazing. We’ve had snow in Auckland once during my life, perhaps been out while it’s snowing twice and had one snow fight, so snow still fascinates me.

      1. I lived in the Canadian Rockies for many years, not to mention actually being Canadian. With a green card, so living here in the USA now.

        Snow is nice. It’s fun. Snowmobiling, cross country skiing, ice hockey, curling, ice fishing, bonfires, driving on a big flat lake totally frozen solid and crank the wheel and hit the brakes! Wheeeee… about drifting! That’s fun.

        Not so much fun in the city.

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