Giapo Gelato – Lavender Custard and Raspberry and Salted Caramel

8563442059_66bf8325bf_hIf I’m heading to the city, I’m trying to figure out how I can add Giapo Gelato to the itinerary. It’s hard to think of any parlour in Auckland (maybe New Zealand) that tries harder on the flavour front.  On Friday, we had a bit of time before our movie started, and never one to let dinner spoil my dessert, I thought I’d grab a Gelato just in case dinner took out my appetite later.

Choosing flavours is never easy, and this time was no different. You can always count on something out of the norm, and the almost purchase went to Laphroaig and dark chocolate. My eye was however drawn to the promise of lavender raspberry custard and salted caramel.

Salted Caramel was great. Ordinarily it would just be one of those it does what it says on the tin scenario, but those little ginger crumbs you see in the photo really made the flavour pop. Lavender Custard and Raspberry was a little different. Custard didn’t really come to the fore, but there was a full bouquet of lavender up my nose and in my mouth for the entire experience, the raspberry marbling blazed a marvellous, but too brief a trail through my scoop. There just wasn’t enough for my liking, and emphasised just how much I was missing an eggy custard sensation in the rest of the gelato. Still, overall pretty happy with the experience.

Few tips:

Watch out for freeloaders trying to sample the full range of flavours. You’ll be waiting for ages if you’re not quick.

Flavours don’t necessarily stick around. So if you’re not in the city often, don’t think you’re going to sample frangipane and merlot on your next visit. A friend told me they had Peanut Butter & Jelly, and I, sadly, have never seen it.

I’ve never gone too far wrong with any flavour that has cake in the title. Cake of cheese, cake of pan, cake of cup, cake is normally on the up and up.

It is warm inside the shop and the gelato soft. Outside might not be much better in the summer, but you’re probably better to get someone to save a table out there while the rest of you go inside. Alternately, if you’re like me and any time is a good time for Gelato, count on the indoors option keeping you somewhat warm in the depths of winter.

Located right by the cinema, don’t bother with some overpriced movie ice cream if you’ve got time to pick this up and take it in with you.

34 thoughts on “Giapo Gelato – Lavender Custard and Raspberry and Salted Caramel

  1. That looks like one amazing ice-cream! And those ginger crumbs look like one incredible bit of yummy detail. I’m always up for ice-cream, (ok, unless I’m standing outside freezing in the snow…)

    1. It’s the first time they’ve stuck little crumbs like that onto my ice cream, and I got a couple of little ginger biscuit bits in the salted caramel too (oops, forgot to mention that). I’ve fortunately never been put between ice cream and a hard ice frozen place.

    1. What is the ice cream scene like over there? I suppose they don’t have the ice cream consumption per capita that we do. Wow, actually Google says it’s no where near us, we’re number one at 28.4 litres per year (I’m probably a significant driver of that figure), while UK is a comparatively paltry 7. I can’t believe we’re beating USA now.

      1. I can’t believe it either. Beating the land of fat people? Never let it be said I didn’t do my part. Tomorrow I may have to go to Mora, our own incredible ice cream parlour.

      2. I think we’re coming third in the world obesity stakes at the moment. I remember hearing the ice cream statistics a few years ago and thinking I had to do something about our second placing behind USA. Looks like the efforts have paid off.

      3. That ice-cream looks delicious and thanks for the detailed report! Where did you get those numbers? I would be interested to look up Austria! The ice-cream scene here is quite big. In the inner city there are a lot of ice-cream parlors selling their goods and nearly every shop has great gelato. We also have an ice-cream shop with “weird” flavours like red beet and beer and pina colada etc. but the taste is surprisingly good too!

      4. I find it hard to believe we beat the US! Um, the ice-cream scene here isn’t too bad. It’s quite dominated by Ben and Jerries (there is a store in Leicester Square). There’s a gelato place in Covent Garden that sells itself on being ‘different’ – gained notoriety a year or so ago by selling ice-cream made from breast milk…

    1. It’s about as much fun as you can have in an ice cream parlour in NZ. They have a little notice that says Wifi is free to friends of Giapo. There’s also the off flavour based around a local public figure, my favourite was Len Brownie (Len Brown is the current mayor of Aucklalnd) when they had it.

  2. Rather than creating posts detailing the dishes I’ve tried in the kitchen, what i SHOULD be doing is critiquing food I’ve tried in public, because I am guilty of eating out often. Regardless, Gelato is the BEST and I’m jealous you can’t share any across the web lol.

    1. It’s crazy to me to think of all the years I thought ice ream was the be all and end all. Gelato is probably my favourite too. But yeah, if people are loving your kitchen escapades, they’ll be just as interested to hear about your dine put escapades.

  3. Hey, the computer ate my post! It must have liked the idea of Laphroaig and dark chocolate gelato as much as I did. That sounds ridiculously delicious.

    See, you are a real gourmet. I would have ordered Laphroaig and dark chocolate WITH the salted caramel and raspberry and ruined them both.

    1. Honestly, I’m not that worried about mixing flavours that go together, I just don’t think they allow you to fit three flavours into one cup. I could have gone back to order more, like I sometimes do, but Mrs P wasn’t eating ice cream that day. Usually I can finish four scoops in the time it takes her to finish three.

  4. Oh wow wow wow wow wow this looks incredible! If you come to Sydney anytime soon you should definitely check out Messina gelato. Follow them on facebook to see the ridiculously amazing flavours they pop out every day !

    1. How that site doesn’t have at least 100,000 likes mystifies me. Then again, you guys aren’t as ice cream mad as we are. The little Mario looking mushroom as the profile picture is so appropriate. I’d be in there with the gusto of Mario. Except princess Peach wouldn’t be calling me to just one more castle, it would be just one more scoop of ice cream.

  5. Totally off topic but I had to share this site. I’m not able to eat a lot of meat, worked in the meat dept at work and loved it. So this article on aging meat at home was fascinating to me. I think he was just nominated for a James Beard award. Are there any meat flavored ice creams? Maybe a teriyaki swirl or a lamb curry crunch…

      1. I’ve never had a close look at the recipe, but it was (is?) one of the signature dishes at his restaurant. I’ve seen some of his shows where he really goes out there with his food, and most of the time he can pull his combinations off.

  6. > – < I did swear to me that I won't drop by this place whenever I'm hungry, now it's killing me!The "salted-caramel" sounds so good ❤ !

    My place is hot like hell these days, ice-cream would be the best thing ever to keep me survive !

      1. Oh, so sorry for being this late, I didn’t get to know the question 😦 my “comment I have made” hasn’t worked well these days 😦

        In my city,so many choices may come up when you think of having some ice-creams, let me give you a tiny review about that ^ – ^

        -Where : IC stands, super market ,con. stores…
        -What: from some local and international brand names
        -Like: yummy , safe to eat (haha)
        -Dislike: Easy to buy but no place to enjoy
        -Favorite of mine: coconut ic from Vinamilk (local brand) ,honey pokey and mint choc from NZ , fruit mixed from Wall’s, the red bean ic in shape of a fish from a -name- that- I-can’t-remember- Korean company 😛

        -Where : IC vendors
        -What : some handmade IC with common flavors,they also sell bread (many people like to have IC with that )
        -Like: Cheap and yummy
        -Unlike: limited choices of flavors
        -Favorite of mine: Mint with chocolate sauce

        -Where : IC shops
        -What: their own products which are imported or made from their company
        -Like: almost yummy , so many special choices
        -Unlike: hard to take away, usually super high price (to me 🙂 )
        -Favorite of mine: Apple sobert of Swensens’s and 80% of Snowee’s mixed set ! you may see their pictures here :

        ^ – ^ Hope you like this little review of the IC supply in my place!

      2. Oh wow, that’s thorough! Thanks for that. Yeah, my comments I’ve made feature doesn’t really work for me either anymore. So hard to keep track now.

        I can’t believe you have a Swensen’s. We used to have one close to town. It was huge but my parents never took me there and now it’s gone.

        Do you know what brand of NZ ice cream it is? I assume it’s Tip Top. I don’t think it’s possible to get mint choc anymore, except maybe from a convenience store that will give it to you in a cone.

  7. In Sicily (Trapani to be exact), they serve you your gelato on a brioche. They basically give you a gelato sandwich and you eat this for breakfast. No joke. Oh, and an espresso to go with it. Oh I miss the food!

    1. Ice cream for breakfast! There’s a slice of heaven. I think the last time I was served ice cream for breakfast was on honeymoon where they served coconut ice cream with pancakes for breakfast. That’s so three years ago, I have to get in on this gelato and brioche caper somehow.

    1. Right on Queen Street in the big complex on the corner of Queen and Wellesley Street that houses the cinemas and the St James, somewhere between the Burgerfuel and Starks Café, almost exactly across the road from Love a Duck Café.

      Or 279/291 Queen Street. Whichever is more helpful.

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