100% Nutz Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter – Nutella Challenge

20130316_124153Nothing catches my eye like a new product on the shelf. I’ve been a fan of 100% Nutz Peanut Butter for quite some time, so the addition of dark chocolate to a winning formula was an easy sale. I figured people would wonder how it compares to Nutella, so gave myself an excuse to buy a jar of that too (and use the extra to make some of Sofia’s Nutella cookies).


Spreading this Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter onto your toast is a bit like melting down the essence of a peanut brownie and slathering it (at least where I’m from, we slather) over your toasted bread. Don’t expect big chunks of peanut like a peanut brownie, but still plenty of texture to sink your teeth into. With the dark chocolate it’s quite a grown up taste, which I think is what they’re aiming for. These guys use hi oleic peanuts to make their product, and promote the health benefits underlying the high quality of their ingredients.

So, if you want the velvety smooth texture and sweetness of Nutella, this won’t be an adequate substitute. If you’re looking for more virtue out of your nut spread, but enjoy the taste of chocolate with it too, this is a great  go to if you feel like you’ve outgrown the charms of Nutella. If you’ve got kids, hopefully you can find room for both items side by side in the pantry.

Serve with toast, or send with your child to summer camp if you want to have your own Farmbake Cookie moment, without having to actually supply any cookies.

Yes, I have butter with my peanut butter and Nutella. Mmm…

15 thoughts on “100% Nutz Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter – Nutella Challenge

  1. Hahaha loving the Farmbake ad. But seriously what the hell, this stuff looks ridiculous. In the best possible way. A quick google search has revealed that this is most definitely a NZ thing so sadly I won’t be digging my (giant table)spoon into this jar any time soon. Possibly – probably a blessing in disguise.

    1. It’s so good, Mrs P had a spoonful of the stuff by itself yesterday. I loved those Farmbake ads back in the day. Whoever came up with those hopefully got a bonus for the mindshare they got with impressionable kids like me. I was obsessed with their cookies, and wanted to go to a summer camp on a train with them.

  2. Haha if you do use the extra to make the cookies, tell me!! 🙂 That looks like a great spread, though I’ve never seen that here in Spain!

    1. The company has registered the dot com, so hopefully they’re looking to push overseas sometime soon if they haven’t already. I emailed them to ask, sometimes these NZ companies are remarkably accessible.

  3. That looks delicious, but I doubt they have it here in the States. I wonder if I could find it online somewhere…

  4. In the U.S. there are a few different things available that are better for you (while still being yummy) that Nutella. First, there is Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter or Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, both amazing. Then I just found another brand called Peanut Butter and Co with a natural product called Dark Chocolate Dreams. Delicious!

  5. Here’s a company based in the U.S. that looks very similar to this brand:
    Their all natural peanut and almond nut butters (including a chocolate flavor in each) fortified with whey protein and flax-seed. I haven’t tried the product but saw their segment on Shark Tank, this post of your reminded me of them.

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