Nutella Cookies – Poatent Fudge Flavour


So yesterday I teased a Nutella baking session in this blog, and here are the results.

These are no bake, so they were perfect for a Sunday where I was still under the weather and wanted to cook without the whole process being too taxing. These were no fuss to put together, and I got so many cookies out of the deal the family aren’t going to know what hit them when I drop their container off.

Made with everything you see here, plus some milk.

My first bite gave me a really concentrated hit of fudge that I wasn’t expecting, followed by a delicious oaty chewiness. Definitely give these plenty of chance to cool down, and if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy them even more out of the fridge the next day, or broken up and mixed through some vanilla ice cream. I’m really looking forward to trying the peanut butter version with my new dark chocolate peanut butter spread.

Serve when you want fudge with a little virtue in a small cookie package.


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