Go Nutz Corn Chips – Our Cat Certainly Did

Go Nutz LogoA thumbs up, pirate earring wearing, peanut mascot apparently imploring you to Go Nutz isn’t the first thing that springs to mind for a corn chip that occupies space at your local foodie Farro Fresh outlet. Go Nutz has its fingers in a few pies, if you care to visit the website, so that might explain the branding. I was more taken in by the faux burlap bag packaging and my curiosity any time something like a corn chip is supposedly Mexican flavoured.

So how does a corn chip taste when they grind up a little Mexico and sprinkle it all over? Spicy and salty, the ingredients say “Spicy Mexican Flavour” but I’m betting it’s a little chemical trickery to make me think I’m getting a hint of cumin and coriander.

Salsa? I didn’t get a lot of salsa flavouring to be honest, although Mrs P said she got a definite salsa sensation in the mouth. These chips are supposed to be lightly flavoured, I found the seasoning to be overly light on some corn chips, on the heavy side with others. It’s quite a democratic choice because preferences for corn chip flavours can range from I’m only using this to keep guacamole off my fingers to I want to be licking the flavour off my fingers for a week to come.


These are wholegrain and gluten free, for those of you to whom that sort of thing means something, might still contain traces of dairy or soy though.

Oh, and be careful with these around the cats, they’ll pounce if you don’t watch it.


Serve with chilli, sour cream, cheese, and rapt feline attention.


10 thoughts on “Go Nutz Corn Chips – Our Cat Certainly Did

    1. Napoleon is prepared to be very cute for forbidden food. He’ll let me cradle him like a baby and suck whatever’s in my fingers like a baby taking a bottle.

      He’ll play fetch like a dog with his favourite toys too.

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