Donovans Manuka Honeycomb Milk Chocolate Tasting


I tried this because Donvovans chocolate provides the chocolate to the 100% Nutz Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter that I tried earlier this week, and the cornflake chocolate that I’d gone to the supermarket to find isn’t available yet (grr… I hate when companies advertise products that I can’t go out and buy).

Now, this chocolate is delicious. The chocolate is smooth, and the crispy pieces of Manuka honeycomb are little shards of joy that crackle to life in between the molars. However, consider your position on Whittaker’s Hokey Pokey Chocolate first. They’re offering 250gms at about the same price that Donovans is offering their 100gm block. Depending on how finicky you are about the mouth feel of your chocolate, also consider whether you like fat dense chunks or svelte slabs melting in your mouth. Me personally? My preference is for the Whittaker’s experience. If you’d like to try this range, I’d recommend reaching for the flavours that you won’t find in Whittaker’s range, like the Feijoa, Kiwifruit, Chilli and Lime or the 80% Cocoa option.


11 thoughts on “Donovans Manuka Honeycomb Milk Chocolate Tasting

  1. Gosh I’m sure its delicious. You should try the rest. I once reluctantly tried a chilli chocolate, and it was a surprise, the two flavours actually go well together!

    1. I’m really tempted to pick up the chilli and lime next. I’ve had the odd chilli and chocolate experience, and I’m a little fussy with it. I like chilli, and I like chocolate, but balancing the two flavours into something I find enjoyable is tricky.

  2. Argh I’m dying of jealousy, yet another treat we don’t have here in Australia! Whittakers is another story – their coconut is my favourite. Holy heck that stuff changes lives.

    1. The coconut is seriously good, but they’re bringing back their cornflake flavour, which was once available in 250g blocks, but disappeared along with the rice bubble block, which were both favourites for their crunchy texture. It’s killing me that I can’t get a hold of the cornflake chocolate at the moment, while they tease me with photos on facebook.

  3. First a blog about amazing ice-cream in NZ and now I find out that Whittakers have created a hokey-pokey chocolate?! Oh, you are making me miss NZ (or NZ food) more with every post!

  4. Your review doesn’t help a chocolate addict in rehab out at all—you make this sound absolutely divine! “Little shards of joy that crackle to life in between the molars”??? Yum! P.S. the cornflake bar sounds pretty fabulous as well….shall await your review on that one…. ;D

    1. I’ve seen your Browned Butter Double Chocolate Bing Cherry Almond Cookies. If either of us is a dealer leaving addicts rocking in the corner chins on knees, it’s you. Wow, and look at those chocolate dipped cheesecake tubes! Thanks for stopping by, I’ve got a new blog to follow now.

      1. Sadly wordpress has no “like” function for comments. So I’ll just have to “like” it via reply! Thank you, the same can be said for me about your wonderful blog! So much eye candy and laugh out loud blerbs 🙂

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