Smooth Chocolate Banana Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream – No Chunky For This Monkey

Banana Ice Cream

I was watching an episode of Australian MasterChef once, where the food critic judge was doing one of those “Master Class” tutorials for the finalists. One ‘recipe’ was frozen bananas put through a blender then scooped onto a plate. Good idea, but not really what I’d call masterful. Anyway, a scroll through the WordPress Reader brought this twist on that idea to my attention. Being smart and organised I of course lost immediate track of the post and ended up trawling through WordPress and Google for similar recipes, when I came across the idea for putting peanut butter into the mix too. I’ve completely lost track of those posts and unfortunately can’t credit them.


So, what you see is two very ripe frozen bananas, about a third of a cup (maybe half?) of almond milk, a round soup spoon (then a little extra) of 100% Nutz Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, and a couple of teaspoons of cocoa powder. A lot of recipes specify just two to three tablespoons of almond milk, but I used more because I was putting this together with a stick blender. Doing it my way will necessitate scraping the bananas out of the stick blender at some point to get going again, but I find a tall rubber jug and stick blender more amenable to eating (or serving) out of  than a blender or food processor.

If this sounds like your kind of Jungle Story, I can assure you of a very happy ending. I think the peanut butter really sells the whole concept by adding an extra flavour dimension with a bit of body and texture that will keep the mixture from turning into limp Mr Whippy (soft serve ice cream out of a truck) on a hot day. I personally like to make mine to a smooth consistency, rather than have chunks of banana. This produced an I can’t believe it’s not gelato illusion (hyperbole, but you get the point) with whispers of peanut brownie cookie dough in the background. However, if you’re anti banana like Mrs P I’m afraid the cocoa and peanut butter will do nothing to change your mind.

Serve to an appreciative barrel of monkeys with a rerun of George of the Jungle.

Watch out for that tree.

14 thoughts on “Smooth Chocolate Banana Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream – No Chunky For This Monkey

      1. I add a little ground flax seed to my choc. peanut butter. I also use other fruits and berries like strawberries, peaches and leave out the cocoa and peanut butter for different flavors. Half peaches and half bananas is very good.

    1. Oh geez, do you know how hard I had to try to make it look even that good?! That was my third time making and at that point I’d run out of bananas and other things to blog about. I’ll never be a food stylist. 😦

      1. I think it is just the colour of it, not your skills! Maybe adding some fruit, a bit of whipped cream, some chocolate sprinkles, or putting it in a bowl that does not have the same colour as the toilet *giggle*.
        At least you do show the actual food – no fake version of it!

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