Convivial Coriander


Can I just say, I think parents the world over have been missing a trick on feeding vegetables to fussy kids. If my parents had approached me with beaming brussel sprouts and scrumptious scallions, they might have got a few more into me with better branding. That’s what the produce company appears to be trying to do with its herbs, almost like a Mr Men take on the little flavour players.

Most of all, I’d just like to commend them for dusting off adjectives like convivial and giving them another ride around the block.

Good show. Except for Balanced Bay Leaves and Ludicrous Lemongrass. Surely there were better adjectives available than those. I’ll let Owesome Oregano go, just because it’s an iconic Kiwi inside joke.

5 thoughts on “Convivial Coriander

  1. This is the best! Herbs and puns seriously FIND me a better time I dare you! But yes “balanced?” that’s embarrassing. I smell a copywriter getting sacked.

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