Tip of the Field Mushroom Cap


These are my lifeline, 50:50 and call a friend when it comes to easy who wants to be an entertainer (along with an Asian Button Mushroom recipe from the same cookbook, Ripe Recipes, which you should buy if you can find). This first lot were a little on the large side if you’d like them to work as finger food but the recipe works just as well with smaller, more bite size field mushrooms.

What you’re looking at is a mixture of red onion, feta, spinach, pinenuts, (chuck it all in a food processor to save some time) topped with black pepper, grated parmesan and drizzled olive oil, followed by 20 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius.


The recipe says to discard the stalks, but I like to throw them into the food processor with everything else. These aren’t show stoppers, but they’ll be a faithful member of any ensemble cast.

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