Burgerfuel BBQ Roadster – Light on the Exhaust


Remember Big Kahuna Burger? If you’re a big Quentin Tarantino fan you should. That’s that Hawaiian burger joint. Well, if Brad had gone to that Kiwi burger joint instead,  Jules Winfeld would have found Burgerfuel providing the cornerstone of his nutritious breakfast. Burgerfuel is pretty much the Big Kahuna of our local burger joints. As you might guess the theme is burgers and motor vehicle references. For you vegetarians and vegans out there, I can say as an avid meat fan that their offerings for you are often my preferred choice when I dine here.

However, on this particular day, I was lacking leftovers and packing a heavy hunger, so I logged onto the Burgerfuel website to see if they had any special production models on the lot. I tell you, the thought of crispy onion rings, smoky cheddar, and Manuka smoked BBQ had me revved up for a test drive.


See, here’s the thing though. For me, crispy onion rings in a burger are a tricky prospect. Just about any self respecting burger will offer rings of onion, what I want in a situation like this are some sweet one and a half inch rims that provide a crunchy ride through the molars. Losing that character is all too easy when the onions are sweating away in the batter and riding shotgun next to the burger sauce. That was the case here. Also, if smokiness in sauce and cheese to you calls to mind tailgating and cookouts, there’s a good chance you won’t find enough here to trouble even the most asthmatic kitten. The flavour’s there, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t swagger through like Lash LaRue, spurs all jingling and jangling. At $13.50 for the burger, it’s a hefty premium over the more generic fast food counterparts, but you’ll probably feel better for the indulgence afterwards.

The onion rings with lemon aioli were a fine side on their own though. Fresh and crispy like great batter on a fillet of fish, my biggest complaint was:


How are you going to give me this puny little sauce pot for this hulking loop of onion? They’re so crispy that trying to pinch the rings into an oblong shape normally resulted in a loose battered shard bracelet that was difficult to push through the sauce.

Oh, you wanted to know about the fries? The fries were fine, I don’t know if they think I need to watch my sodium because they weren’t seasoned all that much, but the aioli makes up for a lot. I don’t know what it is but often I find fries from kebab shops most to my liking, so that gives you an idea of where my tastes lie.

So, the BBQ Roadster is good enough for a joyride if you’re bored with your current model of choice, but if you’re a smoky flavour enthusiast, you might be better with another model and sparing yourself any unmet expectations. You could even buy another burger and put some onion rings in that one yourself.

18 thoughts on “Burgerfuel BBQ Roadster – Light on the Exhaust

  1. It’s been too long since I’ve had a real deal burger like that one. I think that’s going to change on Friday…big city, big burger, here I come. Promise pics, too.

    1. Ooh can’t wait for the pics. I’ve tried to curb the frequency of my burger consumption, although I’ve had two (plus a hotdog!) in the past week. Promotional burgers are just too hard to resist for me.

      1. Wow, just checked Yelp for burger places near UW and they have a ‘thing’ on sliders. Do you guys do sliders? The mini burger craze thingy that won’t stop over here? Thank goodness cuz I love them?
        Just another way to eat 4 burgers instead of limiting yourself to one.

      2. Yeah, sliders have really taken off, which has sort of offset the burger envy I’ve had for the USA since I saw Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. One of our celebrity chefs here even sells a pack of 18 sliders, and I think a pack of pre made burger patties to go with them. And I agree. If you’re going to make your burger options so tasty, allow me to purchase all of them in bite size form instead of settling for two or three.

  2. Onion rings. Yes. A definite necessity. Always partial to a sneaky few wedged into the burger. Though they’ve definitely got the dimensions of the sauce wrong.

  3. I get what you mean about the onion rings losing their crispy crunchy circle of loveness once they’re hoagied by sauce and buns. That’s why I love crispy onion strings, they’re magical and take up more volume on a bun thus decreasing the chances of getting soggy. But hey, that’s just one gal’s opinion and I ain’t no burger einstein.

    It’s crazy you brought up the Quentin Tarantino reference though; I was just discussing Pulp Fiction with my cousin earlier (she’s studying cinematography) and laughed at the coincidence. I think burgerfuel should adopt the hardees concept: ask for extra EXTRA sauce and ye shall receive. Oh well, your post made me hungry! Grr.

    1. I wonder if there’s a trick to the onion ring physics. I’ve found the most successful ones for maintain crispiness have been the breaded kind, rather than the battered. I suppose I also need to bear in mind that I had to get the burger across the road and photographed before I could tuck in, which also adds to the deterioration of the crunch coefficient.

      1. Oh yes, the age old debate of bread vs batter/flour. I suppose I like the kinds that are dipped in both (bread crumbs and flour, not batter). I do concur with your analysis though! I hear saltines and cornflakes are great crunch facilitators as well. Oh yes, alas, being a food blogger calls upon making sacrifices. But I hope you enjoyed your burger nevertheless 🙂 P.S. “crunch coefficient.” Love the sound of that.

        Btw, check out what I was just reading. Caused many laugh out louds and “oh yeah, why didn’t I think of that?”s! http://www.boredpanda.com/life-hacks/

      2. I do NOT believe that vacuum cleaner ponytail deal, that is too amazing. What a great page though! I’m going to use that wet paper towel around warm drink in the freezer soon.

  4. Looks delish! Oh burgerfuel..i found so many excuses to go when I was living there! I forgot how ginormous their onion rings are..it does make those sauce cups look pitiful. So not ideal. Two thumbs up for an entertaining post and your choice of burger venues:)

    1. Thank-you :). I’ve spent many a university earned dollar at that establishment, especially when it first opened in Ponsonby. A hop skip and a jump away from work? Really not ideal for the diet. Marriage has fortunately made me more self aware of my nutrition, so I was able to avoid Burgerfuel’s previous onion ring outings, so this is my first experience with them. Just as well, because they are thoroughly delicious.

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