Beer of the Week – Epic Coffee and Fig Stout


I used to think that Beer was Beer and Mrs Peckish was Peckish and never the twain would meet. Until this dapper Epic Beer charmer came along.

The occasion was Mama Peckish’s birthday, and Peckish Sr and I were swapping beer finds. I come over with my chilly bin/Eski/cooler (does that cover all the terms?) of the week’s finds, and Peckish Sr does show and sip with his. No one knew what would hit them when he produced this big bertha beauty. Mrs P generally has no time for beer, but I struggled to keep her mitts off this drink.

Seriously, if you like coffee and figs and you’re lucky enough to find this brew, have a serious think about picking this up. This is one of those rare opportunities where a review of a Kiwi product is useful if you’re not in the land of the long white cloud. The 2012 vintage of this stout hasn’t been commercially available in NZ (my batch came courtesy of a Peckish Sr run on their stocks at an Auckland food festival) due to bottling issues, so most of the units are available overseas.


The coffee presence here is powerful. A whiff will make you believe there is still freshly ground bean particles still swirling in the bottle and ready to settle in your nasal passages for a chat and a good time. You’ll find the coffee flavour similarly happy to linger on the palate as well. Long after the liquid has disappeared down your throat, the coffee flavour will sit there. Pensive, goblet in hand, stem between the middle and ringer finger, pondering implications and entertaining suppositions until you’re ready for the next sip. This is also an occasion where the bitterness that is usually a drawback in a beer for some people works in its favour, as it enhances the coffee experience.

If you prefer your coffee with cream, I can highly recommend this with vanilla ice cream, which is how I enjoyed this particular bottle. Serve as stated after a good dinner with deserving friends.

29 thoughts on “Beer of the Week – Epic Coffee and Fig Stout

      1. I’ll keep an eye out for it because it sure sounds interesting. Mr. H. (i.e. Mr Papaya Pieces) is from the North of France just next to the border with Belgium. They have a culture of Belgian beers there, more than of French wine. The variety of the beers is amazing, you’d probably really enjoy it!

    1. You might find your best bet is Beervana. I know they had a couple of bottles at the Auckland Beer Festival last weekend (couldn’t go due to illness, alas) so hopefully they’ve saved some for the Wellingtonians, who from all accounts put on pretty much the best beer festival for its size in the country. Yes, jealous, much.

      1. So I ran the question up the flag pole and got this answer from the US distributor:

        Hi there,

        I work for Shelton Brothers Importers, and Luke from Epic passed along your reader’s question regarding the availability of Epic beers in Minnesota. Unfortunately, we don’t have distribution in the state at this time. We can recommend some options in Wisconsin, though, if your reader travels across the border.

        We can also recommend mail order options — the closest option to MN would be West Lakeview Liquors in Chicago. I believe they have the beer in stock now, so they could get in touch and get an order shipped relatively quickly.

        Apologies we can’t get the beer to you locally, but please let me know if you have additional questions about where it is available.



        I hope that helps. Epic have some great beer in their line up, I can recommend Hop Zombie, Larger (Imperial Pilsner), Mosaic (with a new kind of hop), Message in a Bottle, and Barrel Aged IPA.

      1. Meh. My concern about coffee non-conformity dissolved the day I read about a study that showed people who use coffee regularly to up their brain activity get a boost, at first. But what happens eventually is their brain activity reduces to the point that they need to use coffee to boost their brain up to what was once the norm. That, and, the flavour isn’t nearly as delicious as any recipe you’ve stuck up on your blog so far, and I have to wonder what the big deal is. Except for Kohu Road Espresso Ice Cream, that stuff is awesome.

      1. Kay, I had to google that. But if that really is a soft drink I’d want to try it ! How complete I’d feel with some spanish sounding soft drink, sipping as if I got the world around my pinkie haha.

        Wow, no root beer floats for the food expert 😮 you must be my experi-try some day.

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