Epic Beer USA Availability

So I asked Epic about the USA availability of their Epicurean Coffeee & Fig Stout in response to a question in a previous post. They got on the horn with their US Distributor, who got back to me with this:

Hi there,
I work for Shelton Brothers Importers, and Luke from Epic passed along your reader’s question  regarding the availability of Epic beers in Minnesota.  Unfortunately, we don’t have distribution in the state at this time.  We can recommend some options in Wisconsin, though, if your reader travels across the border.
We can also recommend mail order options —  the closest option to MN would be West Lakeview Liquors in Chicago.  I believe they have the beer in stock now, so they could get in touch and get an order shipped relatively quickly.  www.westlakeviewliquors.com
Apologies we can’t get the beer to you locally, but please let me know if you have additional questions about where it is available.
Lauren’s contact details are lmshep@gmail.com.
The following link is a good starting point for Shelton Brothers Importers: http://www.sheltonbrothers.info/distribution.
For Canada best port of call is United Distributors.
If anyone else has got any questions, I’m happy to do the leg work.

7 thoughts on “Epic Beer USA Availability

  1. Thank you for looking into this for me! You have gone above and beyond the call of duty! I do occasionally cross the WI/MN boarder, but not often. My brother-in-law lives around the corner from West Lakeview Liquors in Chicago, so I’ll have him scope it our for me.

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