Target Thai Takeaways – The European Return


I had a hankering for a burger, and couldn’t be bothered making one myself. Mrs P, however, was in the mood for noodles. Perfect opportunity then, to check out the European side of the Target Thai menu.

As you can see, the hot dog met with the wisdom of Solomon, and suffered a split decision on the ride home. Hot frankfurter, fried strips of red onion, little batons of cheese, and plenty of tomato sauce in a bun that is just that little bit too long for the sausage. So at the end, even though it happens every time, you’re surprised that somehow you’ve ended up snacking on bread and tomato sauce only. No alarms and no surprises then. At $4.10, the cheese and egg burger delivers, but bear in mind the following provisos: no beetroot, and you don’t get that thick sheet of melted cheese that can be almost chewy at the edges, which is typical of some of my earliest ‘proper kiwi’ burger experiences. What is traditional, though, is paying for one potato fritter and getting two. This little double act, thin strips of potato, and batter doesn’t sound like anything you haven’t heard before, but here it’s a light and breezy relationship. The batter doesn’t cling to the potato in a needy fashion, rather it gives plenty of breathing space for it to be its own person. Very naughty of me, I know, but I felt it necessary in the interests of science to check out the other half of the menu.


Meanwhile, Mrs P had a repeat of her Pad Si Ew, but with the beef this time, which is notable for the serious skew of flavour away from the sweet character of the chicken version to a far deeper, savoury flavour. Even the way this guy meets your gaze when you pop off the lid gives a far, duskier, huskier impression than its lighter, chicken counterpart. So worth noting for how you prefer your Pad Si Ew before choosing which protein you go for in this particular meal.

So, a calorific afternoon for us (even worse, there’s a bakery next door, and Mrs P loves her a custard square, in which this bakery is particularly proficient) but all for the sake of thoroughness for this little blog here. I’ll gladly trade forever on the hips for food related quips.

4 thoughts on “Target Thai Takeaways – The European Return

  1. I love when one uses the lines of “in the interests of science” or “in the name of research” to justify being a glutton or foodie. But hey, I Believe. 😉

    Mrs. P is a woman after my own heart! I, too, suffer from Random Noodle Cravings that MUST be satisfied, no ifs ands or buts! And the fact that she still had room left for a custard square? What a keeper.

    Crackerjack post today, Mr. P 🙂

    1. She’s special, is Mrs P. A good appetite is a great start in any woman, and sometimes she’ll put away more than me. Plus it encourages the amateur home cook of the male species to have a partner who will go back for ‘just one more bowl’ multiple times rather just having half a bowl and proclaiming they couldn’t possibly have another bite.

    1. You know, we went back again yesterday for some other noodles, but Mrs P held back from the custard square. It’s only a matter of time though. This little set of shops is dangerously close to where we live.

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