Le Pirate’s Zucchinea and Broccolea Green Moat (Or Garden Soup if You Prefer)


Le Pirate was one of the first blogs I stumbled across when I started up The Peckish Kiwi. As far as clicking the follow button, that was about as easy as it got, and she hadn’t even started on the recipes yet.

When the recipes did start, it epitomised the treasure trove that blogs are for someone like me. If I Google for a recipe, it’s usually pretty hit or miss, there’s a lot of filler out there. Follow the right blog, and it’s like you’ve latched onto a Leprechaun who has managed to wrap up all the other Leprechauns’ pots of gold in a Ponzi scheme, and now they’re all yours, yours I tell you.

Speaking of treasure this big bowl of happy is healthy serving of green gold. See here for the original recipe and some proper food photography. A few notes:


I have no idea what a large zucchini or a large head of broccoli looks like. So I bought nine zucchinis and two small(ish?) heads of broccoli. That might have been a bit too much, but I don’t think the soup suffered for being extra thick, certainly the taste didn’t suffer.

It’s a nice, simple recipe. Fun for the whole family.

Mrs P loves a good pot stirring.


Pedro likes to narrow his eyes and look on disapprovingly.


And, most importantly, not a whole lot of washing up to do.

We didn’t have any crusty bread, just a store bought loaf in the freezer. I love any time someone tells me to use bread and an obscene amount of butter, but actually, it stood up really well on its own, and after the first slice of bread, I actually forgot the other slice I had sitting there as I kept spooning my way through the rest. It’s hearty too. I had this on an empty stomach at about 1pm and one bowl set me up until about 4pm when I had another small bowl. It packs a mean green punch that would fell a Norse god. Perfect as winter starts to settle in.

Serve with crusty bread, leaving enough time for the Pussycat and the Owl to row happily around a couple of times and make wedding plans.

20 thoughts on “Le Pirate’s Zucchinea and Broccolea Green Moat (Or Garden Soup if You Prefer)

  1. In the wise words of Mrs. P….”sounds nummy.”

    Love when a blogger I follow makes and reviews a recipe from another blogger I follow. There’s just so much love left right and center on wordpress. Pedro’s cute. He looks like he’s secretly planning world domination in the corners of your house, when you’re both not watching.

    1. He’s a sneaky one. While bigger and seemingly slower than his brother he certainly gets about when he wants to. He’ll usually turn his nose up at the cat toys but when he thinks you’re not watching he’s lying on his side on the floor, mouse clasped in two paws, rubbing himself all over it.

  2. Pedro? I love it! It sounds like you kidnapped him when he was crossing the border from Mexico…assuming you lives in the States. Anywho, thank you for reminding me to use the zucchini that I have in the fridge. I think I am going to try a zucchini bread. 🙂

  3. I have always thought green coloured soups are made from peas. Love the texture and colour of your soup. The mint is a good contrast. The addition of cheese and cream (sour cream?), yumz…

  4. Ahh I am so excited that you liked it ! And made it ! I’ve been camping all weekend and only just noticed but ohhhh my gosh this made my week. It looks perfect!

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