Raw Energy Salad (You Can Beat an Egg But You Can’t Beet-A-Root)


Well, this isn’t entirely raw. I had to put some pumpkin and sunflower seeds into a dry pan and apply heat until they were jumping onto the countertop. This is another Ripe cookbook special, with raw beetroot, raw carrot, the aforementioned seeds, mint, and cranberries (recipe calls for raisins but Mrs P doesn’t really go for them). Everything is then tossed together with a dressing of pomegranate molasses (2tbp), balsamic vinegar (2tbp), quarter cup each of orange juice and olive oil, with 1tbp of honey.


Any dish with beetroot carries a certain amount of consternation for our white countertops, but the tentative mixing and stained fingers (use gloves? what am I, some kind of fancy glove wearer?) were well worth it. What I love most is how the flavour of the nutty seeds creeps up on you. It’s not like other dishes where the seeds provide a texture contrast so you can anticipate the hit. With all the crunch going on the pumpkin and sunflower seeds don’t make themselves known until the last possible moment, which along with the fresh swipes of mint lift the experience. That’s if the sunshine citrus, sweet vegetable and savoury balsamic notes weren’t already enough for you.

Serve to celebrate the continued reign of summer, with a joker-esque beet eating grin.

26 thoughts on “Raw Energy Salad (You Can Beat an Egg But You Can’t Beet-A-Root)

  1. I think you’re in the wrong profession. You should critique food for a living. I love the use of “sunshine citrus,” “nutty seeds,” and “savoury balsamic notes” best. And, gosh, I just ate dinner like, 24 minutes ago. How are you able to make me hungry again? Pure evil.

    Le gasp! Mrs. P and my beau share a mutual dislike for raisins. I cannot compute. Oh, well! To each our own, eh?

    1. Eating for a living would be fun, although the profession sometimes feels more like an excuse to over emphasise fault than celebrate deliciousness. At least here I can half live that dream my way.

  2. !! It’s so pretty ! Beetroot does that to salads though doesn’t it? This salad makes me want to dive on in immediately – mint and cranberries. Hold me. Amazing. Great Stuff Mr. P, as per usual.

    1. I always have a bit of a moment once I’ve finished peeling the beetroot, it’s such a precious looking red, and all the facets that the peeling process produces make it look like a half polished gem to me. A delicious, tasty gem… mmmm….

    1. Me too, grew up having tinned, especially in sandwiches with cheese and some sort of meat, delicious. I was definitely proud of my beet stains, it was like someone had gone Braveheart on my hands.

    1. Sadly just a smartphone camera at the moment, which is great when the light comes through the window nicely, but a pain when it’s later at night or too cloudy. Thanks for stopping by the blog! 🙂

      1. Really! Well then I have no excuse for my lame pictures. I shall keep trying.

        Thank you also for stopping by mine. 🙂 I look forward to receiving your posts in my inbox.

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