Beer of the Week – Tuatara American Pale Ale


If you wanted to argue for a creature that is more Kiwi than the Kiwi, you could make a good case for the Tuatara. These guys have been around for ages, and are as Kiwi as the now defunct 5c piece that they used to be the face of. In fact, if you look at the bottle cap for Tuatara Beer, then look at a full NZ moon, you can actually see that visage reflected on its surface. I find the effect increases with the number of caps you pop off of their bottles.


Why oh why then, is such a Kiwi beer doing an American Pale Ale? Because they can and it’s awesome.

I could give you a ratebeer style breakdown, but let me deliver the flavour profile like this:

You’ve just finished lunch with your lover, and take a stroll afterwards through the forest (it’s NZ, forests are handy to lunch venues). The scent of pine fills the nose as you walk hand in hand. You turn to kiss, she can taste the malty caramel on your lips from your dessert, you can taste the light citrus from hers. It all mingles and lingers, but with a bitter finish, for you must take her home. A bitter parting has its own sweetness though, because you know you’ll meet again soon.

Except, this is an American retelling of your romance, so you’re being played by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. So it’s all those flavours, but just a little bit Hollywood.

Serve on the 4th of July when you want to give a nod to our American cousins, but still want to keep it Kiwi.

13 thoughts on “Beer of the Week – Tuatara American Pale Ale

    1. I never knew what I was missing out on with American Pale Ales until I started drinking Kiwi beers made in the American Pale Ale style. Now I find myself scanning the import sections of the bottle shops for proper American Pale Ales so I can taste the real deal.

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