Little Paddock – Baby Cupcake Ice Cream


This was one of those purchases that we made purely off the advertising. Ice cream from a company’s little paddock, baby cupcake as the flavour? Easy $9 spend.

The verdict split the house somewhat though. Mrs P was far less convinced of the ice cream’s charms than I.


Being baby cupcake, the flavours live up to the name. Everything is youthfully light and airy; the little cubes of cupcake with blackcurrant icing on top are very cute. There’s a little raspberry tartness in the background of the ice cream, which I mistook for a light lemon flavour, and the way the whole thing works together suggestively hints at a little cinnamon. Think of it like some cupcakes your aunt might make for a kid’s birthday party, and you won’t go too far wrong with your expectations. There’s no 2 Broke Girls, Max’s Homemade Cupcakes Spring Break razzle dazzle, just a light tartness and chewy cupcake texture. So it really comes down to how you feel about cupcakes, and maybe other peoples’ babies. Cute and endearing is in the eye of the beholder, or here, in the mouth of the eater.

Serve in perfect balls at the top of a tiered cake stand in cupcake holders.


25 thoughts on “Little Paddock – Baby Cupcake Ice Cream

    1. It’s a strange thing in New Zealand, raspberry jam is really popular, but raspberry ice cream, not so much. It’s always strawberry or boysenberry. I agree though, raspberry ice cream is delicious.

      1. As I said once, Spain isn’t very adventurous with ice cream flavours, but they usually have a raspberry sorbet (note: sorbet, never ice cream)..

  1. Hmphf…one of those flavors that is all about the name. Actually, I like cupcakes. It’s my birthday today so I’m having cupcakes and ice cream tonight. Haven’t decided no the cupcake flavor but the ice cream? Definitely Chubby Hubby by Ben and Jerry.

    1. Chubby Hubby, I still get a good chortle out of that name. 🙂

      But most importantly, Happy Birthday! Cupcakes and ice cream are a great combination. I hope you have a fantastic celebration.

  2. Ahhhhh , it’s hot like hell at my place, then I have to rush here to enjoy some of your yummy ice cream,The Peckish Kiwi.

    May I have 2 scoops of this lovely baby cupcake ice cream (such a cute name) plz > v < ?

  3. Dear Mr. P–You are a wicked man. Please ask Mrs. P. to spank you. Lord! NZ has amazing ice creams!

  4. I tried their ice creams at the food show last year and I am bias towards their chocolate brownie. These ice creams might seem dear at $9 but they are dessert as opposed to being something to serve alongside dessert. An easy option if you have guests over and want to serve something decadent but without the fuss.

    1. I’ve tried their chocolate brownie too, but my memory of it gets confused with Holy Moly’s Choc Out! I try to look at these ice creams in the context for what I pay for two to three scoops at a place like Village Co-op or Giapo or some other parlour. It’s usually $6 plus for a couple of scoops at those places. So $3 extra for 500mls doesn’t bother a fiend like me 😉

  5. Delicious! Seriously you people and your good ice-cream. I made my own today. Though now I’m wishing I dumped a few cupcakes in there

      1. Machine. Don’t judge. Gelato is my only vice. It turned out so darn good that I think I’ll have to post this one.

  6. HWAT IS THAT. ICE CREAM STUDDED WITH CUPCAKES AND BLACKCURRANT ICING? WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US, SIR. Better yet, why do I keep coming back to torture myself?

    The packaging is indeed creative and eye-catching. I don’t really eat purple food, just because I am a strange creature of the Earth. But I’d probably by them by the cartons for my best friend who is a Cupcake anything fiend. Fun post, Mr. P! 🙂

    1. I have a friend in Australia who won’t eat Wendy’s burgers because the patties are square. I have another friend who won’t eat any meat except for biltong beef jerky. Purple aversion? Almost run of the mill in my world.

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