The Luscious Food Store


Having friends in faraway places is always a good thing. Auckland is a spread out place, and with traffic being an issue, anything across town can seem like a faraway place to eat out for a meal. So it’s great when someone has scoped out a local for them that gets you out of your stomping ground and trying something new.

That’s how we ended up at The Luscious Food Store in Te Atatu Peninsula on a Sunday. Our friends live within walking distance of the place and decided to celebrate a birthday there. We were there for an event called Peninsula Beats, which happens regularly over summer between 3 and 6pm. This means loud music, mainly of the reggae or reggae covers of Nirvana and Motown hits persuasion. Makes it a little hard to talk, but also means the kids can run around and make noise without breaking the relaxed mood the music gives you. The indoor portion of the venue is cleared in favour of putting everyone into the spacious outdoor area and BBQ is the order of the day food wise:


$8 for pulled pork and a chipotle aioli easily looked the best and most interesting deal of the lot. Mrs P and I normally hedge our bets, order two different items, and share, but that wasn’t happening this time.


Now admittedly this isn’t much of a looker, but you have to appreciate this is off a guy manning a BBQ with dozens of sausages on the go at any given time. Close up the bun, take a bite, and you begin to appreciate the personality beneath the surface. The pulled pork was tender, and the chipotle aioli has a surprising, but not overpowering kick, like when your partner kicks your chair under the table because you’ve said something you shouldn’t have. I don’t know how you like your buns, but I have a lot of time for a soft chewy bun, with just a little char from the BBQ to give it a little firmness towards the middle.


We got some fries too. These came out of the kitchen. Decent shoe string fries. Nothing revolutionary there or in the sauces, but executed well.

Next was dessert. I’d spied some of the ice cream inventory in the fridge; with names like Kohu Road, Kapiti, and Rush Munros, I was eager to see what would come out with the brownie.


Now, if you’ve been following this blog at all, you’ll probably guess how I feel about the size of that ice cream scoop. Really not enough on an ordinary day. But consider for a moment that the ice cream and generous wedge of brownie cost $3.50. Not bad. Again, the brownie won’t light a fire beneath you, especially if you’re used to making your own the way you like, but the texture was cakey and moist.

So, as I was saying, this wasn’t an ordinary day. Because any time someone else at your table comes out with this on their plate:


You’re going to forget the usual one dessert convention. This geological delight is an incredibly firm, sweet ginger crunch base, a gooey, bitter cocoa brownie centre and a thin, crackled, just set topping. Extinct dinosaurs could only dream of being caught in a delicious tar pit like this.  Be careful when you cut through the base, it feels like the kind that will shoot clean off the plate if you apply pressure indelicately. It’s a deliciously fine line to walk though. Again, $3.50 including ice cream scoop? Plus I get two desserts for (less than) the price of one at so many other Auckland establishments? I’d come back just for that.

Nifty little beer selection too. Asahi on tap, a couple of American Imports (Samuel Adams Noble Pils went down a treat for a first drink), pretty much the full Boundary Road 330ml selection, and Hallertau’s 1-4.

Great, friendly service as well. Sometimes you’d be waiting in line for people who got to the front of the queue without any forethought to what they wanted. There was usually someone else on hand prepared to help out and get your drink order under way so you could pay and start drinking as soon as the other customers had finished faffing.

22 thoughts on “The Luscious Food Store

  1. Reading your post and gaping at all these food pictures does increase the hunger pangs, even though it be a post lunch period for me. What stands out for me is the picture of that chocolate brownie wedge!

    What remains your motivation behind this post?


  2. That Adams beer looks super refreshing! That geological delight looks amazing, and am very impressed with your description of the geological delight 🙂

  3. I am reading this at lunch time, but I am not allowed to have a beer at work…:-( NZ was this country with big land and small population in my mind. Just found out that there are 1.3M people living in Auckland. No wonder the traffic complaints you let out from time to time…

    1. Relatively speaking it’s not that bad compared with other cities overseas, but there are such extremes in NZ in terms of traffic a little congestion on the road can seem like a lot more.

  4. “Extinct dinosaurs could dream of being caught in a delicious tar pit like this.” Favourite sentence in this post! I would be delighted to be in an ice-cream pit though 😀

  5. Definitely wouldn’t be thrilled with the size of that ice-cream scoop. I love how crackly the top of the second dessert is! I love crackly tops. Looks delicious. And that pulled pork. Yes!

    1. I wonder if the lady who served me took note of my face when I got the brownie. I was crestfallen. I like to have a bit of ice cream with every bite, rather than a brownie mop to soak up the barest creamy excess. Still, it got me into a second dessert. I wish all my ice cream clouds had similarly golden ginger crunchy linings.

  6. I have never felt so desperate to try a dessert from a photograph. It looks glorious! Perhaps we should publish an international standard of ice-cream to dessert ratio guidelines? Just to get purveyors on board.

    1. Yes! I should apply for some government funding to study the optimum ratio of ice creaminess to biscuity crunchiness or moist cakiness. We could make it a trans tasman initiative so I can go over to Sydney to try Messian Gelato and you can come here to try everything I can grab from the local freezers and pair them all with appropriate desserts.

  7. I feel that sometimes, food that take on a “garbage plate” characteristic are also the best tasting. Can’t judge a Durian by its spikes, right? Well, unless you are in fact a Durian hater…

    Looks yummy! Love how Mrs. P was all, “ain’t no way we’re splitting 1 order of this.” And the beer looks properly chilled. I’d like one now, please. But I normally get one of my girlfriends to sip off the foam. Cue gasp. Yeah, yeah, I know. Not a foam fan.

    The desserts look yummy in the way homemade desserts look yummy, and I’d really like to have scoop of the ice cream with vanilla beans studded all over it. Uh, yes please.

    1. Haha, yeah, every now and then there’s just no sharing.

      I get where you’re coming from with foam. I like a good bit of head for sealing in flavour, but it’s not always that pleasing on the palate.

      Is it bad that for a second I thought Durian was some kind of Star Wars or Star Trek reference? I’m in Big Bang Theory mode today obviously.

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