The Other Side of The Ice Cream Game

I like to post a lot about ice cream here, which can sometimes be a bit of a tease for those who enjoy ice cream as much as I do, but don’t enjoy access to the same ice cream I do. It’s not all, however, sugar and spice with an all inclusive nice.

I purchased two flavours from NZ ice cream behemoth Tip Top: Candy Floss and Lime Swirl. Now, I might have known that Candy Floss would put me on the hiding to nothing, but Tip Top does a great Vanilla, and a Boysenberry Ripple that actually packs a Boysenberry wave that any Point Break, Blue Crush or other surfing movie could easily provide its stunt doubles to surf on (there’ll be a post on it one day when we get around to buying a new tub). On this basis I gave the benefit of the doubt, plus this was a buy two for a cheap price deal, and since Lime has been to my liking in the past, I thought I’d give them a go.

What I was disappointed to find was a synthetic strawberry flavour masquerading as candy floss, and a kind of weird sour apple analogue for the lime. Generally I’m a firm believer in horses for courses, and not being too much of a food snob. I don’t think that these sorts of flavours belong in the repertoire of a company that is so strong on its other flavours though. Maybe there are some kids turning their backs on Go-Go Banana, Jelly Tip, Rainbow Surprise, and Goody Goody Gumdrops, and this was seen as the way to woo them back. I just feel like there’s a cow out there working hard to give good milk, and their efforts are being channelled into a product unworthy of their time. Had they put their minds to it, I’m sure Candy Floss, and especially lime, could have been executed better as flavours that stand better next to their supermarket siblings.

22 thoughts on “The Other Side of The Ice Cream Game

    1. So you go for Signature Range with the Vanillas and the Hokey Pokeys of this world? Interesting. I’d have a hard time switching up from Tip Top Boysenberry. Ever tried Deep South? We enjoyed their boysenberry before Tip Top lifted its game.

      1. That’s it! The fanciest I’ll go with Signature is Chocolate Eclair. It’s very good. Ice cream is usually a dessert side dish so I prefer not to go to crazy if I’m serving ice cream with something else. Often it’s fruit or fruit based desserts so we don’t get fruity ice creams. Vanilla chocolate seems to go with just about everything. I haven’t tried Deep South. Will look out for it next time.

  1. I think I would not have even tried. You’re a brave man. Especially since you’re in recovery mode, right? Save yourself for only the best until you are Tip Top! Since I get ice cream soooooo rarely I never mess with anything but the best.

    1. I couldn’t help it, it said NEW on the packet. If I was Superman, you’d just have to make a kryptonite ice cream and slap NEW on the tub. Luthor would have me dead just like that.

  2. Lime ice-cream. A warning sign in itself. There is nothing more heartbreaking in this world as disappointing ice-cream. Nothing!

    1. See, I wouldn’t have thought so. I’ve had some excellent lemon and lime ice creams in my youth, with these really nice lemon and lime preserve ripples going through them. I was duped by nostalgia.

  3. I used to like hubble bubble bubble gum tape, jolly ranchers, and even the most outrageous every flavour jelly beans, when I was a kid, before I discovered the REAL stuff. And talking with a lot of my friends, we’ve reached a general conclusion that as young, naive, creatures of the earth who have yet to possess legitimate opinions and knowledge about the (artificial vs. pure, process vs. unprocessed) nature of food, the ice cream may be intended to gear towards them? In a way, I was more focused on the sugar highness and other chemically-induced feelings that was given to me by, say, skittles and choopa choops rather than their taste factor. But hey, just one girl’s opinion. In your defense, the candy floss looks appealing from the outside and inside. Such a shame 😦

    I hope your ice cream reviews won’t dwindle down to zero once winter sets in. Are you an Ice Cream Eater who disregards the seasons? *__*

    1. Yeah, probably geared to kids (although, are kids really pining for lime?! Who knew, showing my age) and that’s what I get for trying to hang with the youngins.

      Honestly, It’s really hard to keep my ice cream reviews to one or two a week. I sometimes wonder whether I should have made this an ice cream review website. Best believe that winter won’t stop me.

  4. I find Tip Top often leave you with an odd aftertaste. Dessertalicious was so good, and so was gold rush! Haha what are you going to do with the two tubs now? Use them for smoothies, perhaps?

    1. I’ve been thinking about it. Some cocoa will probably make the candy floss bearable. Lime… Not sure what to do there, although smoothies are probably a good way to start.

      As for the odd after taste. I think I might know what you mean. I’ll have to try them again to make sure. Every time we look at getting a mainstream ice cream everyone votes for tip top though. Except for Much Moore with the chocolate ice cream, oreo cookie and caramel fudge bits. I’ve gone through a two litre tub in two days before.

  5. Bought a tub of Tip Top Candy Floss ice cream for the kids last night on a whim. Wow what a disappointment! Did a quick search to see if anyone else felt the same way and found this site. Seems like they’d made a little too much of the pink/strawberry(ish) ice cream from Neapolitan and thought hey how do we flog this on the side?? Candy Floss flavour? What rubbish! I’m a big candy floss fan and was secretly excited – for the kids of course – about what it would taste like. Nothing but synthetic strawberry! Can’t believe they’re still selling it 2 years later. Must have a lot of Neapolitan lying around 🙂

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