Blogging Outtakes


Try as I might to get into interesting little food adventures on a daily basis, I often strike out. I mess up the food, mess up the photography, or am too uninspired by what I’m eating to make a blog post that will stand on its own. However, this is about as close to a diary or reality show as I’ll ever get, so I have to share the failures right?


Failure to flip

I tried three times (three delicious times) to get this caramelised onion, chorizo, feta, spinach, coriander, chilli and sumac omelette to flip nicely. No dice, but I had a lot of breakfast that day. As many times as I get an omelette right, I still get it so wrong on occasion.

Failure to finesse

Next time you have a meatloaf, or as I did in this case, a meat slice, try it with 1kg of your preferred mince meat (mix a couple up if you prefer) two diced onions, four tablespoons of wholegrain mustard, two heaped teaspoons of garam masala, plenty of pepper, a can of baked beans, 50g of bread crumbs, topped with a can of chopped tomatoes, and wrapped in bacon. The photos won’t be anything to write home about but the meatloaf will be delicious. (Thanks to Peter Gordon again for the flavours to savour in the failures).

Failure to flatter

It’s Lavosh. Garlic and linseed lavosh. Um, it tastes slightly garlicky, and a little bit linseedy? Other than recounting the general qualities of lavosh, I couldn’t come up with anything remarkable to say about these, other than I didn’t find them remarkable.

So there we go, a little selection of blogging lowlights, but at least here failure still tastes good.

25 thoughts on “Blogging Outtakes

  1. 🙂 You should see the amount of photographs I’ve got that would have been perfect but for my Mutley dog running past at the wrong moment! So many really good shots except for the fluffy tail or pointy ears sticking up from the bottom edge somewhere!!!

    1. That Mutley, so irrepressible. Making photos less than perfect, but with a face that’s impossible to get mad at. Not to mention doing a wonderful job as roving reporter for the stick of the day segment.

      1. 🙂 yes indeed she does have a face that’s impossible to get mad at (though she pushes her luck sometimes!) and what would I do without my roving reporter with her ever present stick! That omelette still looks amazing by the way and I bet it was delicious even if it ended up looking more like scrambled egg than omelette! 🙂

  2. The trouble with posting daily is taking a toll on me too but I try to be as active as possible (my children thinks I may become senile). Failure to share your delicious meal is what’s wrong here! You had 3 breakfasts and you didn’t share with us??? You could have at least plated 3, hehe… The omelet pancake looks stunning with the colours of red, white and greens 😀

    1. I know right?! After all that effort, I should have at least taken a photo of the failure, same for the meat slice. Alas, I could only think of consoling my disappointment with eating.

      I can’t imagine how taxing I’d find daily blogging if I was composing my photos as carefully as you are. Maybe once I get there the frequency of posting will decrease, but for now I like the idea of forcing myself to write everyday, I find it quite relaxing.

  3. blogging now is like playing mahjong to me in my younger days… forces me to think 😀 and do be very careful as food blogger, dowana put on extra weight and sitting on our bums writing, you know what i mean :p

    1. So true about the weight. I’ve been able to slowly reduce my weight this year anyway, although maybe some of that is due to sickness. You can all see that I’m well fed, perhaps having a little too much ice cream though.

  4. Oh hey! I wanted to a post like this too, with pictures of food that I couldn’t be bother to write recipes for. And stuff.

    Well, I think your omelette still looked mighty tasty. Feta/Spinach/Caramelised Onion + Chorizo (but I’d have to find a deli that does turkey/chicken/beef).. MMMMMMMMMMMM. What are your thoughts on cheez its?

    1. Don’t forget the coriander and chilli and sumac! It’s seriously delicious!

      You can’t do your post though, that would be too mean, you know what effect your posts have on people. Women swoon, men rear end cars because they’re too busy oogling your brownies. Pictures with no recipes would just addle minds beyond the point where cognition is no longer possible. Just, don’t do it.

  5. Thank you for this post. The world is too full of difficult and ridiculously perfect looking, always tasting good food, thanks to Pinterest.

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