Kit Bakery Custard Square – Be There to Get Square


Mrs P loves herself a custard square. When it comes to bakery items, she has a formidable ability to resist the charms of all manner of pastry or bread based sweet goods. All bets are off when custard square is on offer though. So it was a soft sell when a trip to Target Thai Takeaways led us by Kit Bakery next door.

This particular example, on this particular day (our last trip to Kit Bakery was far more to Mrs P’s satisfaction) won’t break the sound barrier or take you to any dizzying heights. The custard in the middle was far too non-descript. Still, it was an enjoyable ride. Custard thick enough to hold Han Solo in suspended animation until Princess Leia can free him, thin, and flaky pastry that will hold up the whole structure but not so much that the custard squishes out the side before the pastry parts (Kit Bakery shows below how this is done).


What really clinches this version of the custard square, in my personal opinion, is the vanilla icing that swoops down on your palate right at the end of the mouthful. I think if these bakers went less for the yellow food colouring, and more for a richer custard flavour, they’d an undeniable gem on their hands.


Share on a little bread plate after you’ve already had too much to eat.

Speaking of:

Back to Target Thai Takeaways today. A couple of notes:


Chicken Burger trumps beef burger every time. Juicy pieces of chicken instead of a pre made patty has to be the way to go.


I’ve got a lot of time for a shop that serves crinkle cut fries to this standard. Light and crispy on the outside, nice and fluffy on the inside. The seasoning is likewise light, but I enjoy having the opportunity to put my own fries accoutrements to use.

22 thoughts on “Kit Bakery Custard Square – Be There to Get Square

    1. Haha, yeah, she has to avert her eyes in the bakery section of the supermarket sometimes. She can’t let the allure get a hold of her. Either that or it’s up to me to keep her from getting one. Yeah those are fun time 😉

  1. And what, pray tell, are your “fries accoutrements” Mr. P? 😀 My imagination is already running wild with guesses and theories!

    Yeah, the canary yellow hue of the custard is, hmm, a little off putting but HEY! That beautifully iced frosting more than makes up for it! I wonder if they put gelatin in their custard? I confide I usually prefer the milky, creamy custards of, say, eclairs and cream puffs, BUT. If Mrs. P likes them Kiwi custard squares, they must be the real deal. Any chance you could portkey me a piece? 😀

    P.S. I can almost taste the juiciness of that chicken burger. Thank goodness for thigh meat. (Uhh, it was thigh meat right?? #otherwise,blasphemy!)

    1. I have a shaker with various bits and bobs on it, bit of salt, chicken powder, garlic powder, paprika, pinch of cayenne maybe a couple of other miscellaneous items. Then of course I get my kewpie mayonnaise and Mama P’s homemade ketchup into the mix.

      Honestly I think your vision of custard is what was missing for both of us. I think Mrs P would take a more natural looking, but more richly flavoured custard, but then, it would have cost a lot more than $1.60.

      Chicken was basically their stirfry chicken with a crispier coating, so it was a mixture, some thigh, but I definitely detected breast

  2. Ah great! That custard square we were waiting for! It looks even better than I imagined. Haha, I thought you modified the picture to make it more yellow until I read what you said hehe.

  3. Hahaha… “Custard thick enough to hold Han Solo in suspended animation until Princess Leia can free him”. I love custard square but it’s difficult to get them here or if I do get them they’re not good. I would do away with the icing though, personal preference, hehe.

    1. If the custard isn’t working, the icing is the only thing that can save it is the icing unfortunately. 😉

      Custard and pastry is good, but here the custard couldn’t carry the pastry home.

  4. Getting a good custard tart here is impossible to find. Any custard tart. So are proper butter tarts. Thank goodness, I’ve lost 10 pounds just moving to the States where they don’t offer such temptation.

      1. haha, that’s hilarious. When I was in Japan, all the Canadians in the dorm would go on about how their US neighbours were obsessed with frying everything (and asking if you wanted a sack with that). Eggs are the exception to the rule then?

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