ABC Blog Award


Hooray for blog awards. It’s nice when you enjoy someone’s blog and the feeling is mutual. So it is with the blogger who brings the world of the Howling Mad Cat into my WordPress reader. If you love cats, give the blog a try sometime. For this particular award you’ll have to suffer through an A-Z listing of little facts about me, then get onto the fun of discovering a selection of the cool blogs I’ve been enjoying since I gave The Peckish Kiwi its flightless wings.

A – American Pale Ales, I find it hard to go past a good one

B – Beak, which I love to stick into food, movies, music and others’ blogs.

C – Chocolate.

D – Double it. Double chocolate, double cheeseburger, double bacon, double pleasure

E – Everyday. Part of this blog is an exercise to keep me writing everyday, get me into the rhythm of typing that will one day hopefully lead to that children’s book I’d like to write.

F – Fudge. If there’s fudge in an ice cream, I want a piece of that action.

G – Gelato. Gimme.

H –  Healthily. I try to cook healthily during the week so I can indulge come the weekend.

I – Ice cream, naturellement

J – Jelly, of the feijoa and guava and crab apple persuasion, with plenty of butter on toast.

K – Kiwi, I am a Kiwi

L – Lemon cake, like this one. Oh boy the joy.

M – Maltesers. I have it in for them.

N – Not on your Nelly Duff! This is just a round about way of showing my appreciation for anachronistic modes of expression. Woe betide anyone who catches me in the mood, I’ll go all night like the dialogue in a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel.

O – One of the O’Irish clan is me. I like it, but databases tend to dislike the apostrophe. Much to Mrs P’s chagrin after she took my name.

P – Peckish.

Q – Queues. Never let me choose which queue to line up in, I’ll most likely choose the wrong one. Best example was the time I chose a queue with no-one in it except for a person whose trolley was packed, and was just finishing up swiping their card through the EFTPOS machine. Gotta be the shortest line right? Yes, but not the shortest wait. The customer races off without taking their credit card with them, the checkout person rushes off after them, and suddenly I would have been better off in the line with five people in it by the time the checkout person gets back. And that’s just the most extreme of those stories. Don’t let me choose a queue.

R – Ridiculousness. I try to have at least one moment of it a day.

S – Secret Squirrel.

T – Thoughtful. Too much after the fact a lot of the time.

U – Utensil. Always have time for new (and improved) ones.

V – Vermillion. Whenever I want to come up with what I think is an unusual colour, my go to is Vermillion.

W – Wife. My Mrs P, my better half, my proof reader, my food eater.

X – X-ray, the thing that, a week later, finally convinced doctors that I wasn’t being a cry baby and actually had something stuck in my throat. In this case, a piece of metal not too much smaller than a pin.

Y – Yoghurt. I rely on it to get me between meals during the day, especially at work.

Z – Zoo. Something tells me it’s all happening at the zoo. I do believe it, I do believe it’s true.

Now for the real fun, these are the people I run to read when I fire up my reader. I’ll mostly be posting people I haven’t nominated for other awards, with a couple of reasoned exceptions.

Sassy Earl Grey. Forget Segway with wheels, go for the SEG way with meals. Nominated previously but seriously, only 64 followers on WordPress?! Do yourself a flavour and hit the little plus symbol now. It’s a fairly torrid rate of posting in there, I can see from a quick glance yesterday’s vacay from the blog has seen me miss several opportunities to drool already.

Peach Garden. Go for the food, stay for the garden. To think she started out with a point and click and now she’s showcasing the beauty in her garden with such skill. A myriad of flowers and wildlife, with a odd trip to vineyards jousting with rattlesnakes. Nominated before by issues with migrating to a self hosted site haven’t been kind to her readership. Go over, admire some flowers, and click on a couple of ads for her trouble.

Angie and James Do Stuff. Great food, great photography of food, the occasional trip overseas, and further proof that Australians aren’t all bad.

Warm Toasty Muffins. There have to be some of the most charmingly written recipes I’ve ever read on this blog. Favourite lines include: Casually walk up to the oven and start a pleasant conversation. Lull it into a false sense of security with talks of fashion and possibly favourite places to see. Once the oven is distracted, preheat the oven to 375 degrees! It will be upset at you first. It might even feel a little used, however, give the oven a quick hug and let it know that you enjoy having fun with it and it’s all in good fun.

Bonding Tool. Great food blog with some thoughtfully constructed recipes to help amateurs like me through the basics and also offer some nifty tips I’ve never heard of before.

Amateur Camera. You could go just for Mutley, but stay for the food too.

21 thoughts on “ABC Blog Award

  1. I am so very grateful and honestly happy for your nomination! I will get to it as soon as possible. I enjoyed your alphabet, in particular, S, K, and W. Secret squirrel friends and wonderful partners are an absolute treasure!

  2. I would gladly try to pick my favourites amongst A-Z but….that would be like throwing you into the Willy Wonka Factories of Ice Cream and asking you to pick 2-3 out of 1000 flavours! Alas, a difficult job. So I’ll just “Like” all of them 🙂 But alright I’m a sucka! So I’ll pick D, R, and W! I think around this neighbourhood, Mrs. P would win the popularity contest foh shizz 😉

    And MAN! Stop it! You’re literally killing me with all the ego stroking! And PR-ing! I think this means I’ll have to bake a cake (*not just ANY cake*) in honour of Peckish and Kiwis and Mr&Mrs P. Look forward to that.

    Favourite line every: “Woe betide anyone who catches me in the mood, I’ll go all night like the dialogue in a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel.” Oh, yes.

    1. Heh, I mean, your blog speaks for itself (caught up with a couple of friends yesterday, and it sounds like the husband has taken a liking to your sandwich recipes) but part of the point of this blog is to trumpet good food so others can enjoy their food as much as I do.

      1. What. I don’t know how I keep missing all these replies to my comments on people’s blogs. Yours is the third one and I just want to pull my hair out at such outright lack of blogging etiquette on my part!! Ooooh, yes, I agree with you! I sort of want to do a what inspires me post on wordpress. I feel if I were ever to reblog other people’s posts, it would be on a separate blog, lest there be confusion and chaos between what I post, what I reblog of what was made from SEG’s collection of nummies (now inserted into my lexicon thanks to Mrs. P, much to the amusement of the people around me), and what I reblog simply because it’s inspiring. Ooops, sort of ran with this comment. Anywho, basically saying so glad and appreciate what you do on your blog Mr. P! 😀 #longwindedmuch

      2. I have the same problem. Missing comment replies, missing posts from my reader, I mean, thank goodness people like you post on facebook as well (which is nice, because I can like your posts twice). I still have to check people’s blogs manually ever day to make sure I’m not missing out on anything.

  3. Thank you! If you lived within walking distance I’d bake you and Mrs P a lemon white chocolate cake and deliver it personally!

    1. I went looking for ingredients this weekend, but my favourite white chocolate was not to be found. I’m pretty determined to get the cake done next weekend, but we’ll see how things pan out with study and illness.

  4. Wow! I’m really chuffed and Mutley is looking very pleased with herself indeed! Liked your Z, love that song! Thank you so much for the nomination, you’ve put a big smile on my face! 😀

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