Beer of the week – Tuatara Aotearoa Pale Ale


Born out of supply issues with American hops, this beer is a Kiwi beauty. There’s a nice tip of the cap to the APA that was its inspiration, but replaced with the Maori word for NZ, to honour its Kiwi hop heritage.

Expect a smooth drink like a laid back Saturday Kiwi BBQ. Think post match, with the smell of grass from the stains on your game uniform still up your nose. You can still taste a little citrus at the back of your mouth from the half time oranges, even as you make your way through the biscuit, toffee maltiness that’s been served up for dessert. However there’s a mild bitterness at the finish as you recall the loss you suffered at the hands of your opponents earlier in the day.

Serve after you’ve choked in the final again, and need something afterwards that takes the edge off and reminds you of the taste of winning.

7 thoughts on “Beer of the week – Tuatara Aotearoa Pale Ale

  1. I think your beer/alcoholic beverage posts are encouraging me to drink more. Which, although I love your reviews, may not necessarily be a good thing Mr. P! Seriously, you always make beer sound so good, even though I confess to only buying them to put into food most of the time….heh heh heh (much to the chagrin of the SMF, who loves a good Budvar or Paulaner). I’ll be sure to pick one up when I’m home in CAD—Japan isn’t known to carry a variety of international brands as I’m sure you know… what brand do you recommend best for cooking with, Mr. P? 🙂

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