Very Inspiring Blogger Award

inspiringbloggeraward2The wonderful, effortlessly effusively effervescent yinyin has been kind enough to nominate me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Seriously, go hang out in her little garden sometime and have some tea. There are wonderful adventures to be had, and you may be graced by the presence of the wonderful Meatbun.

Meanwhile, rules of the award process dictate the following as form of my acceptance:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself .
4. Nominate 5 other bloggers for this award and show their links.
5. Go to their pages and tell them.

So, seven things about me.

I’m a little bit of a comic book geek. Nothing Big Bang Theory level (although I pretty much get all the references) but probably enough to raise an eyebrow should I ever be drawn into a conversation about it.

I have three major battle scars. One is where I cut my finger and Mrs P came to my rescue, two is where the doctors had to cut my throat open to retrieve the metal contents of my bacon and egg breakfast, and three is on my knee just below my kneecap where I tripped up at nine years of age and concrete border of my grandfather’s garden gave me a close up view of what my leg bone looked like.

I used to call Mrs P my Little Snow Pea (she likes snow peas) but Mrs P is sticking for now.

I’m a ridiculously light sleeper. I now need the earplugs you see guys wearing on the Discovery and History channel when they test fire souped up or historical rifles, plus I drape a t-shirt over my head to keep any stay light from outside rousing me from slumber as well.

Peckish Sr’s family is predominantly Irish/Scottish, while Mama Peckish is a pretty varied mixture of Fijian, Chinese, Miscellaneous European, plus there are a few others I’m neglecting to mention. No wonder I enjoy fusion cuisine, I’m a fusion baby.

Mrs P and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We do, however mark the day we became a couple, the day we became engaged, and of course the day we became husband and wife. We always do something special on those days.

I dislike dealing with Spiders. Before Mrs P I would have rated myself as being pretty close to Arachnophobic, but Mrs P is far worse, so I’ve had to learn to overcome instinct so I can be of some use when a spider freaks her out.

Now the fun part again. Let’s talk about some inspiring bloggers:

le pirate – Ok, I’ve nominated her before, but her photography and recipes are very inspiring, and in many instances modelled to help those of us who don’t feel like kitchen wizards to get a greater sense of culinary magic out of our home cooking adventures.

Cancer: My Journey Back to Health-Kicking & Screaming the Whole Damn Way – One of the very most special people I’ve met out here in the blogosphere. Even if she weren’t courageously sharing her experiences with cancer, she could make a totally engrossing blog from her biography (Hollywood adventures and all) and just her general thoughts on life (see her Syria post).

Today’s Dose of Sanity  – She also does a food blog which has a few gems, but there are few things more inspiring to me than motherhood. This is an intimate look at those ups and downs.

Rants, Raves, and Rations – Speaking of things I find inherently inspiring, I have a lot of love for teachers. Takes a special person to be passionate about that profession. This blogger takes it to the next level and delivers recipes as lessons as well.

Healthy Kiwi – Great food, great photography with a view to helping you eat better when you need to combat yesterday’s indulgence. Plus she’s a Kiwi. Even if she’s not living here anymore, we won’t hold that against her.

25 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

    1. I was quite the little star in the hospital when they failed to get the thing laparoscopically. They ended up performing a procedure so rare the head of the ear nose and throat department had only performed it two times in about 40 years of medicine, so rare that he’d actually forget the name of the procedure and the nurse would have to whisper it in his ear to remind him. So quite an exciting specimen for the junior doctors who might only see such a thing once in their life time.

      1. Gosh! And did you have general anesthetic, or did you also watch your own exciting once in a lifetime medical class? It must have been distressing! (Even if the medical staff were amazed) When I saw the bone in my leg I took a big leap through a glass door because I thought it was open.

      2. Ouch. A big leap through a glass door? That sounds awfully painful. General anesthetic for me. I wouldn’t have had a good view anyway because the cut wasn’t far under my chin. It was weird to wake up and have all these tubes coming out of me.

  1. Using the mobilrr that has a rebellious touchscreen keyboarf and broken spellcheck so just a heafs heads up ( dont feel tp backspace ovr and ovr)

    Love that ur bg is so diverse! High five for mixed babies. #we’relegennndaryyy

    Is it true that a human consumes about 8 spiders a year in their sleep?

    So gna checo out the bloggrrs u nominated! On that note, OMEDETOUUUU mr p :)))

      1. But she does proof read BEFORE you publish the post, right? Because I never show Mr. H. before posting (unless its about a French dish), so once it’s published he’ll come over and point out my mistakes… oops!

      2. haha. Before if I can manage it after the first couple of times with her pointing out missing words, or “errant apostrophes” I thought I should just show her before hand. I hate making grammatical mistakes.

      3. I do say I’m too neurotic to trust anyone to proof read for me. Afraid they’ll stick in something embarrassing or improper. Or take it WAY too serious. Wow. I think I need to reassess the kind of people I associate with :O #kidding

      4. haha. Sometimes Mrs P will say she can’t understand what I’m trying to say. That part is hard, but it gets me thinking about how to say the same thing more effectively. She reads very differently to me, so it’s a good exercise.

  2. Congratulations and very well deserved. The bit about the metal fragments I. The egg and bacon sandwich? Ewwwwww! You know what Michael Palin says? “I only ask that food doesn’t hurt me.”

  3. Congratulations , Mr P ^ – ^ !

    Once again, I just love these words of yours :”I used to call Mrs P my Little Snow Pea (she likes snow peas) but Mrs P is sticking for now.” Both are warm and sweet ^ – ^

    OMG, “5” > – v < ?

  4. Thank you Mr. P. Honestly, I must be easily distracted. Here I was all settled in to have a crap day, maybe a little obsessing about things I can’t do anything about, stand around and yell at the tv, grumble and groan and THEN do my taxes. Yes. One day before they are due. It was going to be one of those days. But now?! Hah, I’m Inspiring. Who knew. I’d better shape up. Make a complicated dish of lasagna and let someone else do my taxes and go out and inspire myself. Thank you. Thank you thank you….you’ve inspired me.

  5. Thank you! Thrilled. I woke up and told my husband, “I’ve been nominated for a blog award!” This blogging world has been extremely gratifying, linking me to such interesting people around the globe; I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely. Again, many thanks for your thoughtfulness.

    1. Oh good. I do the same thing with Mrs P when I get one. 🙂 I’m very happy to have found your blog through one of my other favourite bloggers. I’m spoiled for quality that comes through my reader, even if my reader is cheeky and doesn’t always show me your latest ones.

    1. Your blog is off to a great start, and I selfishly want to encourage you to keep going and give me more ways to save myself (or at least compensate) from the poor ways I sometimes feed myself. 🙂

  6. I love this! I wish I was more of a comic book geek. I do have some comics actually, I just never remember to take them out for a fun read.

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