Rose Gordon’s Bacon and Egg Pie – and Saturday Blogging Stuffer


Sometimes a bit of time with some friends having a wee drink and a laugh does wonders for the constitution. And so it was that we had the ABs (no, not the All Blacks, just two married friends who share the same initials, and are also pretty full on into their Cross Fit) over for a catch up and dietary holiday. We followed our plan that we refer to as the usual: Yum Char, followed by Ice Cream, followed by drinks, chips, dips, chocolate, dinner and more ice cream.

Given that we would be drinking, we needed something simple for dinner, so I went with Rose Gordon’s Bacon and Egg Pie. Success was a close run thing (I almost burnt the pie because I had the oven at the wrong setting) but we got there in the end, and the pie was fantastic. Not in danger of winning any beauty pageants, but plenty to admire beneath the surface. You’ve got your flaky pastry casing, sautéed onions, bacon and peas on the bottom, six whole eggs cracked on top of that (which leads to the best kind of grown up Easter Egg hunt when you’re eating the thing) then a mixture of eggs, 300mls cream and pepper poured over everything, to be given a final blessing of cheddar. Seriously track down this cookbook so you can try this and other recipes yourself.

Serve with friends, laughs and nail painting.

Yes, some of the extra eye candy will be the subject of future blog posts and reviews, particularly the ice creams.

19 thoughts on “Rose Gordon’s Bacon and Egg Pie – and Saturday Blogging Stuffer

  1. Now, if only there were an image included of that beautiful nail polish! I love the color. The pie’s appearance is wonderful. It’s insides look like something I would not hesitate to put in my insides.

    1. Heh, maybe I should get Mrs P to do some guest blogs on nail polish. I was quite surprised when the ladies busted their nail polish gear out while I was cooking, lots of fun to watch though.

  2. The others have taken all the words from my mouth and so one question, “how can you pack all these activities in one day?” so much fun you all had 🙂

    1. haha. We take a good 12 hours to get through everything (on this occasion they stayed the night at Casa Del Peckish) and that’s aided by having had so much practice doing this in the past. It all works like a well oiled machine now.

      1. that’s good to hear. i missed the days when i used to have weekly themed dinner parties that last the weekends. so nice to be reminded and walking down memory lane by your post 🙂

  3. Hahah that first picture looks like such a photobomb! Yes Mrs P! Great stuff. That Yum Cha needs to relax it looks mouth watering

    1. hehe, Mrs P at her mischievous best :). Yum Char was so good. It had been a while for all of us and the favourites came out so quickly, along with some beef spring rolls that we’d never tried before but were so delicious.

  4. Like I said once on my post, a plate of food that resembles (although yours still looks darn delicious actually) a blob of rubbish usually turn out the tastiest. I’d like 3 plates for now, and 2 pans to go please.

    Love how there was some manicure action going on. And Napolean and Pedro just. Ugh. They kill me. Every time.

    How come no one’s commented on the gingerboy-looking cookie yet? :O

      1. Village Co-Op in St Heliers. Some of the best ice cream around in Auckland. They always ask if you want chocolate sticks or a gingerbread man with your ice cream. $4.50 for two generous scoops. I think it’s cheaper now because they’ve ramped up production and gone retail. I think we used to pay around the $6 mark.

    1. If I’d been one or two fewer sheets to the wind I probably could have mustered a better effort on the looks front. I supposed that’s partly the point though, the recipe can take a bit of beating but still be good eating.

      1. Well, it’s understandable. You had your homeys around. Who wants to spend minutes making food that’ll end up in yo belly all pretty when you can spend them sipping beer (wait… sip, gulp, or chug? heh heh heh) and having stimulating discourse with friends instead? But still. Look at all that beer. Did you say you had fun watching them do their nails cause you had #beergoggles cause the boyfriend thinks watching me do my nails is the equivalent of stubbing his toe against the edge of a sidewalk….multiple times.

      2. I dunno, watching Mrs P with those hot orange toe separators, especially if she has to get up and do anything mid paint, does hold a certain amount of entertainment appeal. Shrugimcrazytho.

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