Village Co-Op Ice Cream – Communal Ice Cream Bliss


I understand that Mission Bay is popular. There’s a long walk, three ice cream joints (NZ Natural, Ginellis, and Mövenpick) and it’s where most of the buzz is. However, if good quality ice cream is a joy you take seriously, you’d do well to check out the hum coming from Village Co-Op just a little further along Tamaki Drive.  They dispense Joshua’s Ice Cream by the cone or cup full. Joshua’s you might remember from such posts as Raspberry and White Chocolate Truffle. On top of the ice cream, they offer you a little gingerbread man (such a cute and effective ice cream scoop, should you choose complementary flavours) or two chocolate sticks to accompany your selection.


On this happy day, I was able to sample Extremely Chocolatey, White Chocolate and Roasted Hazelnut, Peach Sorbet, and Strawberry Sorbet. I, as is my usual want, went for the flavours that put the cream in ice cream. Extremely Chocolatey was good. 72% chocolate all through the ice cream offered a sweet introduction, with a quick shift towards a bitter cocoa finish. White Chocolate and Roasted Hazelnut was a bit more intriguing. Many ice cream flavours offering white chocolate do so in truffles or chips masquerading as truffles. In this case the ice cream is white chocolate atmosphere, like smooth, sophisticated conversation going on around you in a café. Meanwhile you’re in the middle, with the Roasted Hazelnut giving you its full attention and leaving you plenty of delicious notions to chew over.


The sorbet, you ask? Wow. When I go out for ice cream, I want cream. These two fruity characters, however, are making me reconsider my devotion. Peach was amazing, the sensation of tender pulp was palpable. Somehow they found the best peaches, that have clearly hoarded the warmest and brightest moments of the summer’s sun, and somehow managed to freeze them without losing that sensation of sunshine. Strawberry also got a big tick. Unfortunately it was following Peach’s rather impressive opening act, so the remarkable interplay between sweet and tart (along with the occasional strawberry pip crunch) suffered a little in comparison. Don’t let that stop you if Strawberry is your jam though. I’m seriously thinking about picking up a tub of their Black Doris Plum now. Single flavour sorbet is a big step for me when there are still so many chocolate and caramel concoctions to try, but Peach was just that good.


So next time, don’t stop at Mission Bay, go the extra mile for your ice cream smile.

29 thoughts on “Village Co-Op Ice Cream – Communal Ice Cream Bliss

  1. Sun-filled peaches? Can that even be beat? I bet that sorbet tasted like absolute joy! I am loving the little gingerbread man, he really gives that cup of ice cream character. In the end, I have to agree with you, when I want ice cream or even think of having ice cream, it has to be creamy.

    1. Back in the old days the cups were little brown waffle paper cups, so it felt like you were holding a fat ice cream cone. Very cute visual with the gingerbread man. Sorry to see them go, but happy to get cups that allow for more ice cream!

  2. That sorbet looks amazing! The white chocolate and hazelnut sounds particularly wonderful – think I need to get an ice cream maker to console myself – then I can try these wonderful ideas you are posting 🙂

    1. I need to get on top of the ice cream maker situation myself, whenever I research it those things either seem difficult to clean or a bit fiddly to maintain. I suppose it is lucky then there are so many vendors who are prepared to do the hard yards for me.

  3. OMG, ICE CREAM! Still, best ice cream I ever had was in Sicily. Maybe that should be my next challenge…find the best ice cream in Toronto and NYC.

  4. I tasted NZ Natural and Mövenpick but not Ginellis. Sorbet is favoured over ice cream for me but still an ice cream cannot be refused. Loved the cookie boy 🙂

  5. Anyone who noted the errant apostrophe should be aware that I wasn’t able to get Mrs P to proofread for me last night (she’s got my cold now), so it didn’t go through its usual Quality Assurance.

    1. Frozen yoghurt buffet?! How much is that? That would be a fine financial line to walk in NZ. I can seriously motor through frozen dessert, especially in that first 20 minutes before my brain has time to tell my stomach it’s full.

      1. It’s basically set up as a self-serve, but you don’t repeatedly go up for seconds, thirds, etc. unless you pay per serving. These typically have around 10 flavors to choose from with a huge toppings buffet. You fill your bowl with whatever flavors and toppings, and then they weigh your serving and the cost is based on the quantity.

      2. Still love the idea. One problem I have with a lot of places I go to is the by the scoop option generally only goes up to two or three. Well, what if I want four or five? Sometimes I want a little taste of everything! I don’t care if I have to pay by the scoop or the weight.

    1. Oooh good tip, thanks! I know where the next ice cream expedition will take us. Says on facebook they’re open from 6:15am. I don’t suppose they’d be dispensing ice cream that early. More’s the pity, it’d be a short detour on the way to work.

  6. Now you have me hankering for a sorbet. I usually go for lychee (except one time, my cousin and I had to share a bowl and she got peanut butter which sat on top of my lychee……………………gah!!!) White Chocolate and Roasted Hazelnut sounds to die for! And the fact that they offer complimentary gingerbread cookies and chocolate sticks is just. I have no words. I need that ice cream shop in my life.

    What a lovely post Mr. P! And Mrs. P’s sapphire (they seem so?) blue nails really caught my eye in that sorbet shot. Mmm, sorbet..

      1. LOL got it. I think I’d like to try the cake first, cause it’s cake. And the egg drop soup soon after cause Mr. SMF likes that stuff a LOT. Pass along my thanks to the lady will you? 😀

    1. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. One of my favourite gelato places once did a PB&J flavour, but I had to experience it through a second hand account because it was a limited time deal. I felt seriously cheated. I still turn up to the place to this day hoping they’ll bring the flavour back.

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