Caramelised Pork Belly and Coriander Pie


This is the pie I walk through the rain at 6:45am in the morning for. I do this because it tends to be so popular that early morning is the only time I can guarantee I’ll get my hands on these before clients take over my work day and the road work crews take over the pie oven. Because when I want this pie, no other pie will do. It was also a deserved gold medal winner for Rob’s Pâtisserie in the Café Boutique section of the Bakels New Zealand Supreme Pie Awards last year.

Full disclosure, Mrs P found the whole thing to be a little too much on the sweet side. I think she’s only ever tried one though. Well, it wouldn’t be interesting if we agreed on everything would it? Caramelised pork done this well would be enough to keep many people happy on its own, let alone the deep, tangy sauce it happily soaks in. But it’s the way the coriander ushers you in to the performance and dances a cameo across the palate as the curtain closes that gets my hearty applause. You know how in a pie store vendors will often throw a bit of flair on top of each pie type so you can tell the difference on a bulk order? I love how this just comes with the most subtle underscore at the pie’s centre, and that’s it. Because that’s all the extra flair this pie needs.


If you’re able to get your hands on one I’d suggest doing so quickly. Word is that these bakers might be moving on, and who knows if the secret formula moves on with them. So get in quick.

Serve when you want to breakfast like a road working champion.

15 thoughts on “Caramelised Pork Belly and Coriander Pie

  1. This looks good! Do they make any in chicken or turkey? Yeah, well, my other half doesn’t like desserts (except cheesecake) so…we disagree on a ton of stuff. C’est la vie, right? Mmmm, that pastry is just….can’t look away. I can feel it crumbling and then melting into my mouth, bite after bite. #ohcrust

    1. They have a butter chicken pie that’s quite good, as is their lamb and mint. I’m always tempted to reach for one of those ones, but since pies are an enjoy occasionally treat (except with this pie review, I’ve eaten three in order to get the right photos and properly contemplate the flavour) they usually miss out.

  2. The photographs were enough to make my mouth water but when I read this part of your description… ‘But it’s the way the coriander ushers you in to the performance and dances a cameo across the palate as the curtain closes that gets my hearty applause’ Well, if I lived within a 100 mile radius I think I’d be on my way to buy one now! Recipe to follow at all?! 🙂

    1. It’s over for us in Auckland. It’s hard to know how the rest of the country is doing. There are a lot of farmers still desperate for more rain and some could really do with drought assistance but probably won’t quality

  3. Get out! Actually i won’t lie I’m a little sad I thought this was a recipe and I got way, way too excited. Then I realised that you bought it, and if I want to buy it I have to cross an ocean. Life’s perils. This looks extraordinary.

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