Pandan & coconut-stuffed croissants

I’ve had a bit of a hankering recently. What’s been missing from my stomach are the custard buns from Yum Char. You know the ones with the crunchy sweet topping that will often shatter all over the plate if you put a tooth wrong? There are usually two options open under such circumstances. I could go to Yum Char, but Mrs P goes for the savoury rather than sweet, and these days I prefer dumplings to buns that will fill me up with bread all too quickly. I could try to make some myself, but online recipe pickings were slim (no pineapple for Mrs P) as is free time with work as busy as ever and study commitments ramping up.

Enter this little gem from Peter Gordon. I get the flaky, coconut, custard, sugary crunch that is the joyful essence of my hankering, with only a quarter of the effort required for the real thing. What’s more, there’s the added bonus of being able to add whatever accompaniments that strike my mood. You’ll need:

4 old croissants

80g softened butter

40g white sugar

1 egg

2-4 drops pandan extract (on this occasion I had to use vanilla extract, still delicious)

2 teaspoons sifted flour

120g desiccated coconut.

Heat oven to 170 degrees Celsius. Saw your way through the centre of the croissants leaving them just intact but capable of opening flat on your chopping board. Beat the butter and sugar together until nice and creamy. Follow by beating the egg  and pandan/vanilla extract into the mix. Sift in the flour add a pinch of salt then combine it all with the coconut. Spread the mixture like butter over the croissants, put in the oven on a tray lined with baking parchment, and wait 12-15 minutes until they look something like this:


Serving suggestions:

With jam (I used homemade strawberry from Mama Peckish because that’s what I have, but cherry is probably the best – credit where it’s due, that’s Peckish Sr’s idea)


With Boysenberry Ice Cream (Mrs P approved)


30 thoughts on “Pandan & coconut-stuffed croissants

  1. Holy. Doing this soon, foh shizz. Looks amazing. Especially with the boysenberry ice cream. UMMMMM. I don’t even know what else to say. Just gonna stare for a while and salivate. Wow.

      1. NO. #sheepish But I shall replace with vanilla as you recommended. 😀 I do love pandan though, and I always pack it in my suitcase (illegally? eeerrr) to bring over when I return. Darn it. You made me come back to this post. #wastesminutesawaystaring

    1. I am so pleased if anyone sees anything about ice cream and their first thought is me. So rich a small amount is enough to satisfy? Surely the writer jests. This is something we need to get on top of in NZ and quickly.

    1. No, I have traditionally left jams and jellies in the hands of Mama Peckish, although the plan next year is to go strawberry picking towards the end of the season when they let the public into the orchards out west. I’ll probably make some then.

  2. Wow, easy and fast. My favorite. I’ve discovered a sugar free chocolate frozen yogurt…(in a small voice) yay. But hey! It ain’t forever and for a sugar free its really good! Really!

      1. 🙂 Already have the croissants, off now to buy the ice cream and coconut. The only question is, should I have them for dessert tonight or breakfast in the morning…? Hmm what a dilemma, perhaps both!

  3. Wow! Clever cookie! Ever since Thailand I’ve been wholeheartedly set in the Pandan bandwagon. Of course, Messina has a pandan and coconut gelato as well. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how that tastes. This looks amazing Peckish!

    1. That Messina has been one of the most delightfully tortuous facebook likes I’ve ever done. They are always coming out with and posting about new flavours. Too many kiwi pages are sporadic with their updates. Still, maybe that’s a good thing, I’d probably be losing some serious coin if any of my favourite ice cream/gelato places got their act together.

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