SEG Way Carbonara. Hot Smoky Comfort


Sassy Earl Grey (or SEG way, as I like to call her style of cooking and sass). If her witty contributions to the comments section on this site haven’t drawn you to hers already, please do yourself a serious flavour favour and visit now. Well, make sure you don’t have any pressing engagements first, because you could well lose a few hours trawling through all the delicious content she has on offer.

I have a few recipes of hers on my to do list, but I thought I’d start out at the easier end. Carbonara looked straightforward enough, and is, although in doing some for me and Mrs P I had to double the recipe and substitute pancetta for smoked salmon (which allows you to use the rendered fat from the pancetta to fry the shallots and garlic). This was so nice, I made it twice in one day. I’m used to making Carbonara with egg yolks and cream, I’ll happily trade that in for whole eggs and milk. For me the shallots add a sweetness that enriches the flavour of the sauce for minimal effort, and the chilli has a punchy delivery with a smoky pancetta follow through that comforts far beyond the sum of its parts.

After putting up a lot of resistance, Mrs P has finally succumbed to my illness (having to go into work at 10pm last night probably didn’t help). It’s difficult to offer comfort as one normally would, because you both feel a little icky and don’t want to pass your germs on. So in the absence of a proper hug, let this dish wrap its huge, warming arms around your loved one. Try to spare them the involuntary “mmm…. MMMMmmm…MMNNmmm” sounds (accompanied with a little head and shoulder shimmy) that gave Mrs P cause for mild concern. Do that in your inside your head voice.

But do lick the plate, if your loved one is a keeper, they’ll absolutely understand.

First Macaroni, now Penne

Last words from Mrs P after proof reading this post?

“So yummy, I want some more.” (After which I told her to finish off my half, a notion which met with far less protest than usual).

19 thoughts on “SEG Way Carbonara. Hot Smoky Comfort

    1. She was the one who was sick in the first place. So you’d have hoped she was over it all by now, but I think part of the problem is stress and fatigue at the moment. She’s been working on a big project and March/April is a pretty busy and stressful time for an accountant (year end, final taxes to pay, and lots of people who don’t bring their work in on time).

  1. MR. P. WOW. I was on a wordpress 1-day hiatus. Needed a bit of blogging rehab. Bit of an overdose lately. 😉 BUT I COME ON AND SEE THIS?!?!?!?!?! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE. Yes, it needed that many o’s.

    They look fantastic!!! And I’ve never tasted pancetta before, stemmed from a personal decision, but I can imagine how it would taste using the rendered fat to fry the shallots and garlic. Good call :O


    And oh nos! Mrs. P is under the weather now?? And she had to go into work late a few days ago, yes?? 😦 So….get-better-soon ice cream is off the table….?

    1. Haha, no way, ice cream is never off the table. Today I made a big batch of chicken soup (just threw a whole chicken in that batch, taking no prisoners with this cold now) and le pirate’s lemon and white chocolate cake.

      Could not have that cake without trying out this new fangled mascarpone, orange and date ice cream (wooahhh baby… it’s going to take a few bowls to properly break the experience down). Mrs P still wanted a taste of that. Wasn’t to her liking (too much like banana), but I think she’ll take a scoop or two of the black doris plum sorbet I picked up at the same time regardless of how she feels.

      But yeah, thanks for your recipe, it’s definitely going to be a regular on Mrs P’s request list.

  2. Reblogged this on Sassy Earl Grey and commented:
    The beautifully grated parmesan, sitting on top of a bed of creamy, deceivingly sinful (but not!) pasta, with a touch of spiciness and generous bits of pancetta throughout. What a lovely remake by Mr. P of The Peckish Kiwi. Go on over and check it out! Warning: copious amounts of drool-inducing photos. Must have tissues on hand. I repeat, MUST have tissues on hand.

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